All Dressed Up & Somewhere to Go…For a Change

It’s that time of year again when the homeschoolers have their annual Spring Formal. It’s the one time we can get Victoria to dress up without complaint, well, with fewer complaints than normal I guess you could say. She tends to be a very casual sort of person rather than the fru-fru young lady I had hoped she’d become when she was little. Nope, a pair of camo pants and a t-shirt works for her. Oh yes, forget the shoes.

As with last year the formal fell on the day that we have our free sewing day for our Thimbleberries Club and Stitchin’ Camp ladies. The ones who were there were so sweet and left early so I could help Victoria do her hair. We did the curly thing again this year. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to do what I wanted to with those curls once the curlers were removed. One of these days I’m going to tie her down and gag her, that’s a must, so I can do what I know would look better on her than what she wants done. Girls!!!

Even though Victoria’s in college now she’s still considered eligible to attend the formal because she’s only 17 and would be a junior in high school had she not graduated two years early. This year, she was asked out by the young man, Joseph, who had been her escort the past two years. In the past they just met at the venue and he walked her in. After that they could dance with whomever they were asked by. This is ballroom dancing by the way so knowing how to ballroom dance makes for a much more interesting evening. It was the first formal that got Victoria interested in ballroom dancing in the first place, and she’s really pretty good at it. It isn’t classical ballet, which I deeply regret, but because of all of her ballet training she picked up ballroom dancing fairly quickly and gets to twirl on occasion if her dance partner knows how to lead her correctly. Maybe one of these days she’ll be on Dancing with the Stars…yes, we can dream… Reckon something like that would pay enough for her to get through the next three years of college? Now we’re dreamin’ big…real big!

The additional special attraction this year was that her date was given permission to drive her in his newly refurbished Fiero and she was given permission to go with him unsupervised. She had to navigate him to the house as he’d never been there before, and when I heard him ask her what the speed limit was on the bypass I knew he’d be a responsible driver. That was a must because they had to go all the way to Huntsville and back and it had been raining that day.

He scored points by buying her a corsage of orange roses and wearing an orange rose boutonnière himself. I don’t know if he’s a TN Vols fan or not, but she definitly is and isn’t ashamed to wear her colours. She’s been told she’s going to get beaten up on campus where red is the preferred colour, but so far she’s managed to survive. Probably because there doesn’t seem to be too many young men there who are stronger than she is, at least she’s not found them yet. Go gymnastics!!!

Anyhow, they made it home safe and sound Saturday night and she said he was a perfect gentleman, which we knew he would be. She has one more year that she can go to the formal so between now and next year she’ll be on the lookout for the perfect dress, preferably dark green. I keep telling her to make her own dress, but she gets too involved with everything else going on in her life and never manages to find the time. I would suggest that she work on it this summer, but she’s going to two music camps that will take up five weeks of her summer. There’s definitely no moss growing under her pointy feet…

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