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Vol. 1-Issue 4 - Great Stuff!

I do so love opening boxes that are delivered to the shop.  They’re especially fun when I don’t know exactly what I’m going to find inside. 

The box I opened today had the latest issue of The Quilt Life.  If you are not familiar with this magazine it’s probably because it’s the newest kid on the block, so to speak.  Published by AQS, it is only the fourth issue and is jam packed with some really great stuff. 

After looking at the table of contents I went straight to the recipe section.  Hey, I didn’t have any lunch this afternoon… Alex Anderson shares her Zesty Confetti Soup that is slow cooker friendly.  Ricky Tims shares one of his own creations, Hearty Low-Carb Chicken and Mushroom Soup.  I am so glad the temps have started going down a bit because soup is one of my favorite things and I will definitly be giving both of these recipes a try.

OK, enough of the food bits…there are several projects and interviews with different quilting artists that you will enjoy.  I haven’t had a chance to go through the whole magazine yet, but the fractured triangle quilt by Wendy Hill caught my eye and will be something I might even make time to try, after month four of Farmer’s Wife is put together that is.  This would be a wonderful scrappy quilt to make and one that even the menfolk in your life would appreciate.

You should see Alex’s Grape Escape quilt.  WOW!!!  It is an applique fanatic’s dream, not to mention the hand quilting that is done on it.  She also shows the design done in Redwork.  Temptation, temptation…Keep in mind that quantities of this magazine are limited and once they’re gone I won’t be getting any more, at least I don’t have any plans to at the moment.

Speaking of limited quantities, we have only three or four of the latest issue of Quilts and More left.  Again, you’re going to love the projects inside this great publication.

The Quilt Sampler should be coming out soon.  I’ll let you know when it arrives because I know you’ll want a copy for sure.

Hot Off the Press!

I just opened a box from That Patchwork Place to find two new books that you are going to want for sure. 

5" Square Friendly

Country Threads Goes to Charm School was the first book I took from the box.  We have used several patterns in the past from Country Threads so I knew that anything they had their name on would be a winner.  I was right! 

There are 19 projects in this book, all of which use 5″ squares that could come from a charm pack or from your stash.  Most of the projects are small enough that you could complete them in a weekend if you already have the squares on hand.  Of course you will need extra fabric for borders, sashing, and binding.  Or, think about a scrappy binding…I think those almost always look good and would definitly fit well on many of these little quilts.  Go to www.martingale-pub.com, click on the book cover, and scroll through the gallery to see the projects inside the book.

Winning EQ6 Challenge Blocks

The second book out of the box was The Rose of Sharon Block Book, an applique fanatics dream.  The book came about as a result of an EQ6 challenge held in 2009 to make blocks using only three given shapes in limited sizes.  There are five different countries represented in the 12 blocks that were chosen by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson as the winning blocks.  If you have EQ6 you can download the Rose of Sharon project files by visiting www.electricquilt.com.  Plus, there are 71 other blocks for you to drool over as well. 

If you have the AccuQuilt GO! machine you can use their new Rose of Sharon die to cut many of the pieces used in the blocks.  If you do not have a GO! machine then stop by the shop and we’ll fix you right up.

Once you visit Martingale and Electric Quilt you might want to also go to www.quilterblogs.com.  There you will find more blogs about quilting than you could ever have imagined from more places than you’ll ever be able to visit, physically visit that is.  As soon as I can figure out how to add their logo I’ll do that so you can click on it and go right to their site.
Oh yes, one more thing.  Keep in mind that we are still having our Back-to-School Book Sale until Saturday, August 28.  Choose a book and then choose another of equal or lesser value for 50% off.  There’s no limit to the number of books you can purchase, but there are some books, those that have been added to the shop since June, that are not included in the sale.  Be sure to bring your Super Stitcher card as you get two stamps this month.  This is a great time to get that book you always wanted as well as a book for a favorite quilting friend, or two.

Schnibbles Contest Winner!

Winning Quilt!

 We have a winner!  Congratulations to Ronda Asta our local contest winner.  Ronda entitled her quilt Christmas Boxes and used Moda’s Kansas Winter fabrics to create this stunning quilt.  This photo does not do it justice.  You need to stop by the shop and see it up close and in person to fully appreciate it.

Photos of Ronda’s quilt have been forwarded to Martingale Publishing as a finalist in their contest.  The winners of the nationwide contest will be announced in September.  Any of the three prizes to be awarded would be wonderful to win, but we have our fingers crossed that Ronda will win the first prize which will get her 12 months of books from Martingale/That Patchwork Place, and 12 months of Moda fabric.  That pize package is worth over $2,000!  Can you imagine?  It would be like having Christmas every month for a whole year!  Regardless of whether or not she wins the national contest she will receive a $25 gift certificate from the shop as the winner here.

The perfect quilt label

Ronda did a great job of labeling her quilt as you can see here.  Labeling is very important and she has included all the pertinent information needed to tell the viewer who made the quilt, why it was made, and when. 
Always, always, always identify your quilting projects, regardless of size.  Remember, you are just as valid an artist as anyone who wields a brush and paints on canvas so include a label on all your work.  It can be as simple as a piece of muslin with your name, city, state, and the date.  Where the date is concerned you might want to put when you started the project and when you finished if it happens to take a long time.  Not that you’d have many of those long, stretched out projects surely, but it can happen every now and then that a project takes several years to come together.
There are several books available with ideas on making quilt labels.  If simple isn’t you then you might want to be very elaborate in your label design.  I recall seeing a book where a label for a Stack-n-Whack quilt had been made out of an extra block.  Another label was in the form of an envelope with a fabric card inside that was attached to the envelope by a length of ribbon.  That way the card would not become detached from the envelope and get lost over time.  As soon as I find my copy of this out-of-print book I will scan the cover and give you some more ideas on great quilt labels.

Christmas Boxes

 Here’s one last look at Ronda’s wonderful quilt.  I’m already not looking foward to seeing it go back home with her.

Just In! Quilts & More for Fall!

What a surprise I had this morning when I opened a box that I thought had our auto-ship books from Martingale.  It didn’t…What I found instead was the new Better Homes & Gardens Quilts and More magazine with 25 quick  projects.  I just had to take a copy with me to Huntsville and look it over.

Great Project!

25 Great Project!

Believe you me, I was not disappointed.  The projects range from full sized quilts to throws (great stash busting projects!), table runners (one made from silk!), and totes made from dog food bags, yes, I said dog food bags!  There’s a backpack for your favorite child’s books or sleepover clothes, a cute little pincushion similar to the one we use to teach blanket stitch (they use rectangles, we use circles), cup cozies (great for gift giving!), and the cutest tiny treat bag ever. 

The treat bag reminded me of a similar bag that was a bit larger in size brought to me by a sweet lady who had filled it with goodies.  It had a highlighter, potpourri, hot chocolate mix, a black pen, and several other neat little items.  There was also a note that came with the bag.  It told me to enjoy the contents, sign the inside of the bag, refill it with goodies, and gift it to someone else thereby making their day brighter as she had mine.  While I hated to give the little bag away, because it was so cute and I loved the fabric from which it was made, I did as I was instructed and had a wonderfully fun time thinking of who to give it to and what to fill it with.  The little bag has been passed on by the one to whom I gave it, and I’ve often wondered where all it has been. 

The treat bags in this issue of Quilts and More are small enough that you could make several and use them instead of paper or plastic bags when trick-or-treat time rolls around.  Or, make them in Christmas colors and hang them on the tree.  When you have guests over to help you celebrate the season invite them to take one home with them.  Be sure to have filled them with fresh baked goodies or a handmade ornament.  Then there are birthdays and just because days too.  I think this one little pattern could get a lot of mileage once you put your mind to it.

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Another project that really caught my attention is a hanging organizer with expandable fabric pockets made with the Lakehouse dress panels.  It would be a great place for a little girl to put her dolls so they aren’t scattered all over the floor enticing Fido to munch on them, or use them for shoes, socks and panty combos for easier dressing in the mornings…you name it and it just might fit in these adorable pockets.

You just have to come in and look through this new offering for yourself.  Keep in mind that these are not in the bookstores yet, and the number of copies I have are limited.  If you want me to save you a copy just give me a call.

I’m going to go sit down and go through it one more time and dream of all the great things I could make, one of these days…

Month 3 of Farmer’s Wife Sampler

Our ladies participating in the Farmer’s Wife Sampler BsOM have begun picking up their new kits.  There are ten blocks to be made for the month of August.  The tenth block was essentially a duplicate of one made in Month 2 so my challenge to our FWS ladies was to make a block of their own choosing and share a photo of it with us as well as the reason for including it in their quilt. 

My block of choice!

My substitute block was a Monkey Wrench, sometimes called Snail’s Trail.  It is one of my favorite blocks because it has “movement” to it.  I took a class a few years back with Elaine McGarry who taught this block.  Unfortunately, my blocks were packed up and have yet to be found so the project is one of the many UFOs I have to one day complete. 

The other nine blocks that our ladies will be working on can be seen here.Month 3 Images

We finally have a winner in our search for Pepper Cory’s name on the selvedge of one of the fabric strips in the kits for Month 1.  The winner is Mary Walton.  Her prize was a bottle of Mary Ellen’s Best Press Spray Starch in the scent of her choice.  She will have some of the best smelling and least wrinkled fabric of anyone in her group.  Congratulations Mary!

We are having such a good time with these blocks!  Our ladies are learning some new techniques and are oftentimes challenged with the block’s construction, especially those that are paper-pieced.  They are learning to read what I meant to say in the directions rather than what is, or in some cases is not, written.  After this month, and maybe one or two more, they will be able to read my mind and really fly through the blocks. 

Making two blocks a week might seem like a daunting task to some, but many of our ladies are getting them done, some in less than one month, and one, Miss Jeanette, finished her squares for Month 2 in just a couple of days.  She had a trip to go on and didn’t want them hanging over her head while she was away.  Impressive!

If you wish to join our merry little group we still have three spaces left.  You can catch up fairly easily if you put your mind to it.  There is the free sewing day for those who live close by where help is given if needed.  Just let me know if you want to join in…we’d love to have you.

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