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Title:  A Walk in the Woods
Author: Bill Bryson

What a disappointment this book was. Having grown up in the Appalachian Mountains I had higher expectations regarding the content of the book but was greatly underwhelmed. I found the author to be a whiner who repeatedly showed his ignorance of the folks he met and had to deal with along the way as well as his intolerance of others whom he felt were inferior to himself. It was quite obvious that he had no appreciation for rural southerners, nor their way of life, and didn’t bother to embrace the differences and learn from them when the opportunity presented itself. Given his obsession with getting eaten by a bear, I couldn’t help but think his poor wife would have been better off had he been.

Not only did I tire of his whining, but I also tired of his language. You’d think that one so accomplished and decorated as Mr. Bryson would be able to communicate with his readers without resorting to crude language. Then again, when one is awarded honorary degrees rather than having to earn them I guess we should adjust our expectations of their abilities in that area downward as well.

Since he felt no qualms about choosing to wimp out on hiking large portions of the trail, I felt no qualms in not finishing his book. It’s very rare that I don’t finish books, even ones that don’t hold my interest, but I just could not stomach another page of his attempt to wax eloquent on his less than stellar adventure. I’m sure he thought he was being witty as he relayed the events to his reader, but I wasn’t at all amused. About the only thing I found amusing was how appallingly ignorant he was at doing something that even young children who have grown up along the trail could manage, at least those of southern birth. Walking in the woods is something you just do if you live surrounded by them. Granted, children who take a leisurely walk and explore the woods during the day who can return home in time for supper aren’t on the same scale as his longer hike, but still…if a child can do it…

I cannot help but think the author didn’t hike the trail in order to conquer it and prove he could do it as much as he hiked it to give himself something to write about in hopes of selling books and cashing in on the endeavour. Thankfully, I was given this copy by Blogging for Books in exchange for an unbiased review. Had I paid good money for it I would have been even more unhappy about its content than I was. Hopefully, should Mr. Bryson ever return to America looking for adventure, he will limit any further excursions through the wilderness to destinations north of the Mason Dixon line.

Title: Merchant of Alyss Bk-TL-Merchant of Alyss
Author: Thomas Locke
Publisher: Revell

Merchant of Alyss, the sequel to Emissary, by Thomas Locke was well worth the wait. Right from the beginning those who are familiar with fantasy lit can sense that something out of the ordinary is about to happen. And boy does it!

At the end of Emissary the main character, Hyam, has been stripped of his power. Because of that one would think that the storyline would come to an end, but Locke manages a fix to the problem and Hyam once again is able to be a useful character and fight the evil that is trying to overtake the land. His is not an immediate cure. This is managed through ancient scrolls written in such a manner as only Hyam can read. The writing on the scroll allows Hyam to use magic in a different manner than before. Once he and his friends are made aware that there are many more such scrolls they set off in search of them. So begins their new adventure. Some of those who accompany Hyam are the same as in Emissary. Some are new to the group. All have their role to play and are vital to the success of their mission.

As with all good storytelling there must be a conflict of some sort. In this case, Shona, new to the group and with powers of her own, reveals to Joelle, Hyam’s wife, that she too loves Hyam. Joelle has already warned Hyam of this. Rather than act in jealousy, Joelle talks lovingly to the young girl and tries to make her understand that Hyam cares for her as well but not in the same way. Unfortunately, rather than Shona accepting her words and trying to move on, she tells Joelle that he could care for her one day. That statement alone clues the reader that trouble may be brewing for the future happiness of Hyam, Joelle, and Shona. It should be interesting to see how the author handles this dilemma in future offerings.

Obstacles are overcome, battles fought, allies made, and enemies defeated but not annihilated as they need to be in order for peace to return to the land. Groups of people who were once enemies and even non-humans come together for a show of solidarity in the quest to rid their land of evil. It was during the ceremony where Shona was made Queen of the realm that Bayard, Earl of Falmouth, made what I thought to be a most interesting speech. It struck me as ironic that it should bring to mind current affairs in our own country as well as abroad. I’d be surprised if bringing me to this thought process is what the author intended. This is when the written word can take on various and possibly hidden meanings for those who read it completely and are able to see beyond what is said to what may be implied and what may be meant to jettison us out of our complacency.

Overall, the happenings throughout the book are told well and completely, giving the reader freedom to interpret and fashion their own visuals. The quest is not finished and another sequel will be written—sooner rather than later, I hope, as waiting to see what happens next will be like trying not to eat your favorite dessert sitting right under your nose.

I received an advance reader’s copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

Title: Trial RunTrial-Run
Author: Thomas Locke
Publisher: Revell

Trial Run, the new techno-thriller by Thomas Locke, is not my normal choice of reading material. I tend to prefer mysteries where my brain can get some much needed exercise. Having said that, I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by this read from the very beginning. Interestingly enough, I’d heard of drug runners using night vision goggles in order to drive at night without lights. According to however, the likelihood of a person really being able to drive like that, especially at high speeds, is nil. Even trained professionals would supposedly have trouble. In other words, don’t try this at home. Otherwise, it makes for a good introduction to the book though and a way to get some of the main characters introduced into the plot.

The book is written in such a way that you do have to put your thinking cap on in order to keep track of the multiple aspects of the overall plot. It’s like watching two different shows at once that are related but still different. There are the good guys, or those who wish to use the time travel technique for positive purposes, and the bad guys, those who have a totally different and darker agenda in the works.

All in all I highly recommend Locke’s new book which gives you pause for thought and allows you to escape into an interesting world where the battle between good and evil continues, but I won’t tell you who wins the first round so as not to spoil the ending. Enjoy!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

Title: The Pilgrim
Author: Davis Bunn
Publisher: Franciscan Media

The Pilgrim, by Davis Bunn, is a thought provoking narrative that deals with acceptance, forgiveness, and faith. While the book is a work of fiction, and therefore should not be viewed with a mind toward theological debates, these three aforementioned aspects of life are some that we all, in our own way, battle with daily. Sometimes the battle goes on for years depending on the extent of the damage done and our ability to overcome circumstances beyond our control.

As an older adult, I can relate well with the characters and several of their plights. Being able to empathize with a character allows the reader to better identify with the subject matter, and therefore determine whether or not they themselves need to deal with similar issues in their own life. The author does a very good job of helping the reader realize that knowing one ought to forgive someone and being able to do so do not always go hand in hand, at least not immediately. Even though the main characters in The Pilgrim are Christians, they are shown to not be perfect and to struggle with the events in their lives that have hurt them deeply and permanently changed their futures. While true Christians are told to forgive, they must realize that forgetting can be much more difficult, and often seems impossible. Reliving over and over again the event(s) that caused the pain is what tends to make forgiving so difficult. The characters in this book were not immune to the consequences of rehashing events that could not be changed but which must be dealt with and endured. Remorse, self-doubt, self-pity, and the persistent “what if” question is shown to do nothing to further the characters healing process or their spiritual growth.

Each character in this book, beginning with Helena, works through the process of accepting his or her new set of circumstances, with coming to terms with their need to forgive those who were seen to have caused them pain, including God in Anthony’s case, and has their faith tested to the nth degree. While only those with a very good knowledge of history would be able to discern whether or not the events and geographical descriptions are accurate, almost anyone who reads this book will be able to understand the turmoil that the actions of others, or life occurrences, can cause in ones life making the storyline much more believable because of the reader’s ability to identify with one or more of the characters within its pages.

As an avid reader, I enjoyed The Pilgrim and was personally challenged to follow the examples of its characters, a task that’s almost always easier said, or in this case written about, than done. As a former homeschooling parent, I can easily see this book being used as a unit study covering Bible, geography, history, and language arts. Advanced students could also use it to study sociology and some areas of psychology. The student can research the various historical events mentioned, trace the journey and learn about the different cities and cultures of the area, not to mention the cuisine for those who enjoy learning and executing that subject matter, and look into the lives of the different characters mentioned such as Constantine and his mother Helena to determine how much of what they’ve read in this book is true and how much has been added by the author. That exercise alone would be an excellent way to learn “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say. To end their unit study, the student would write a book report and/or essay(s) based on their research of the subject matter. There is enough material here to structure into either a one semester study or a full year study as determined by the parent/teacher.

Whatever your reason for reading The Pilgrim, I have no doubt that you will find it to be not only an interesting and enjoyable read but also one that will challenge and enlighten you. It will help you to deal with your own need to forgive and move on or possibly better understand someone you know who is having a difficult time forgiving and accepting their new normal. In the event that the latter is the case, this book would be an excellent gift choice for that friend or acquaintance and may lead to fruitful discussions whereby you can help and encourage them to move forward and past their circumstances.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Franciscan Media in exchange for my honest review.

Title: Novel Interiors
Author: Lisa Borgnes Giramonti
Publisher: Potter Style

Novel Interiors is beautifully done. It’s one of those books that you have too look through slowly and repeatedly in order to take in all that there is to see. The added quotes from various works of literature aid in that slow process of perusing each page for the nuggets printed thereon. It has something for every decorating taste, be it traditional or more modern. While there are only a couple of items that appear to be quilted, the use of various textiles can inspire you nonetheless to create a wonderful haven of your own.
Title: Emissary
Author: Thomas Locke
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

Emissary, by Thomas Locke, has everything a fantasy lit fan can ask for. It is fast-paced and has just enough characters to keep it moving without having to make a chart of who’s who and what their purpose is in the story. Neither does it dwell on long drawn out descriptions of landscapes and irrelevant histories of the characters or the reason for their position in the plot. With a little bit of imagination and a few choice words, the reader is able to create their own landscapes and fill in any blanks about which other authors tend to overwrite.

Fantasy lit is one of my favorite genres of writing. I enjoy reading it as an escape from the real world in which we are forced to live. If only I had such special powers to use to make this bad world better! Because I have read a good bit of fantasy lit—especially by Brooks, Eddings, Jordan, and of course Tolkien—I found several similarities to these fantasy adventures, but this in no way detracted from the enjoyment I received when reading this book. At first I thought it showed a lack of creativity on the part of the author, but later on I decided that in some ways it allowed the reader to tie their past readings from other authors with this new one and feel a sense of continuity with regards to special powers and how they are manifested. After all, in the world of fantasy, magic is magic, or so it would seem.

As with any fantasy lit story, someone, or multiple someones, must have powers that are not the norm for everyone. The fact that Locke allowed certain characters to have powers, and to use them to fight darker powers without writing to be excessively dark, is a plus in my opinion. I have read fantasy books before where I felt my skin crawl because of the occult nature depicted in the writing. Needless to say I didn’t read more writings of authors who took fantasy to the realm of downright evil.

As a homeschooling parent, I was impressed by the way Locke handled the relationship between Hyam and Joelle. All too often, books that I thought my children would enjoy reading ended up not being given to them because the plot included sex scenes, discussions, or innuendoes that I didn’t feel were necessary to the storyline and definitely not something about which I would condone my children reading, and I’m talking teenagers here. The fact that Hyam did not take advantage of Joelle’s apparent lack of a moral upbringing is a positive that is needed in literature today regardless of which age category it may be meant. Maybe if more secular as well as Christian writers would embrace this fact, my daughters wouldn’t have such a hard time finding a Christian young man who behaves as a Christian young man should behave. If more young girls would read this as a lesson that one should not “throw” herself at a man in order to get his attention, more young girls would manage to keep their purity longer and preferably until they married. A gold star should indeed be given Mr. Locke for his ability to point this out in a fantasy adventure story without being preachy about it.

To say I am looking forward to the sequel would be an understatement. A bit of a preview of what is to come was given at the end of the book and I can’t wait for the second book to make its debut. All in all, this was a wonderful book for escaping, imagining, and enjoying. I so appreciate having been given the opportunity to read it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

Title: The Skinnytaste Cookbook
Author: Gina Homolka
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

I have several cookbooks that contain recipes for reducing calories, fat, or both, but wanted to try this particular cookbook because of the Fettuccine Alfredo recipe. My daughter and I are both pasta people, but the “heart attack on a plate” label that this dish has been given keeps us from enjoying it as often as we’d like. That has changed now with the aid of this lighter version. I even used reduced fat Parmigiano and was pleased with the resluts.

The cookbook covers every area from breakfast to dessert. The lovely photos that accompany so many of the recipes are an added bonus for those of us who aren’t sure of ourselves in the kitchen. 2015 is the year that our household hopes to be slimming down. With the aid of Gina’s wonderful book, I have no doubt it will be a much easier and a much more flavorful process.

In addition to her book, I have discovered her blog. Definitely worth pairing with this beautifully executed cookbook.

Sugar Rush
Title: Sugar Rush
Author: Johnny Iuzzini
Publisher: Clarkson Potter

WOW!!! That alone says it all! While this isn’t a title that we carry in the shop, don’t be surprised if Rick decides to use some of these recipes as his dessert for Stitchin’ Camp. This book instructs and shows you everything you need to know in order to turn out wonderful and delicious desserts. It is a huge volume not only in size but in content. With over 150 recipes and awesome photographs, you can be assured that your journey into the world of baking will be an easy and enjoyable one. I don’t think there is any question that a novice baker could have that isn’t covered within these pages.

As a sugar addict myself, I know my sweet tooth will be indulged with the offerings from these pages. Given my love of all things “tea” I skipped straight to the chapter entitled “Cookies, Tea Cakes, and Biscuits” and planned some marvelous teas that I hope will materialize in the near future. After I had my fill of that chapter I went back and started at the beginning. Just reading through the recipes are enough to give you a rush. Would that all I had to do all day was bake because I certainly could keep myself well entertained with the aid of this book and the helpful step-by-step photos that accompany the recipes.

This will not be one of those cookbooks that you buy on a whim and leave sitting in the bookcase. This will be one of those cookbooks that you will use over and over again. My only suggestion is that you place a protective sheet of plastic over the pages so they don’t get spattered with the ingredients as you whip up a lovely dessert for those you love.


Title: On-Point Patchwork
Author(s): Donna Lynn Thomas
Publisher: Martingale
On Point Patchwork
On-point is my favorite way of setting quilt blocks. It gives them so much more interest, in my opinion. This new book by Donna Lynn Thomas will have you making some very interesting quilts even without setting the blocks on point. It’s the designs within the blocks that are on point, but the blocks themselves are set straight within the quilt top. Having said that, there are a couple of projects where the blocks are actually set on-point as opposed to in rows. Her method uses the Omnigrid On-Point Ruler to aid in achieving the desired results. You’ll find some old favorites, like Snail’s Trail, and maybe some new blocks that you’ve not seen before. All in all you’ll enjoy the resulting quilts that look intricate but are really fairly easy.

Title: Simple Circles and Quick Curves
Author(s): Nancy Mahoney
Publisher: Martingale
Simple Circles
I suffer from illusions of grandeur sometimes, but this book is full of grand illusions that will make your quilts look like they were difficult to make. Only you and I, and Miss Nancy of course, will know the truth behind the making of these designs. In addition to piecing, each block incorporates applique in order to create the illusion that you’ve gone to a lot of trouble sewing curved pieces. If you like movement in your quilts, and designs that fool the eye, you’re going to want to add this book to your library.

Title: Table Please – Part I
Author(s): Nancy Halvorsen
Publisher: Art to Heart
Table Please-Part I
Setting the table for mealtime will be a treat once you whip up these great projects. There are 15 in all including table runners, placemats, centerpieces, and chair covers. The theme of this first book is spring and summer. You will also be able to make birthday celebrations bright and cheery with projects that are designed specifically for this event. Whatever the occasion, you’re covered all the way through to July 4th. We always love designs by Miss Nancy and this book is no exception. If you work with her bright colors or similar ones, you won’t even notice the gloomy gray days of winter. It’s a win-win situation!


Title: Patchwork Plus
Author(s): Geralyn J. Powers
Publisher: Martingale

If you want a book that has something for every season then take a look at this new offering by Geralyn Powers. These nine projects will infuse life into your home from springtime to winter and all the months in between Patchwork Plus
using just one block and some easy applique. If you’re a fast piecer, you should have time to get Step into Halloween completed in time for that holiday. If not, start with Gingermania and you’ll have a warm and cozy quilt to cuddle under during the cold winter months. From there I’d move on to Grandma’s Legacy and use my great collection of ’30s prints to make the Churn Dash blocks and aprons. That one would stay out from spring right on through summer at my house. Maybe you need a quilt for a little one who likes trains. If that’s the case then Jordan’s Train will fit the bill perfectly. No matter which project you choose, all are very scrap friendly and will help you get rid of both small and large amounts of fabric in no time flat.

Title: Quilts Made with Love
Author(s): Rachel Griffith
Publisher: Martingale

No matter how large or small, simple or complex, quilts are the perfectQuilts Made with Love gift for both celebrating and giving comfort. If you’re in need of a quilt for either reason, you should have no problem finding one that will workperfectly in Rachel Griffith’s new book. She gives us eleven quilts designed with reasons to celebrate, from wedding to new home to the addition of children either by birth or adoption, you’ll find a design that will help everyone celebrate the grand event. Plus, she gives us eight quilts to create in times of need, be it to comfort someone who has lost a loved one, or someone who is struggling with life’s problems. Whatever the need is in someone’s life, there will be a quilt in this book that will make their days brighter.

Title: Simple Quilts: Easy as 1, 2, 3
Author(s): Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson
Publisher: Martingale
Simple Quilts Easy as 123
This new book by two sisters who seem to have a great time working together contains twelve easy, but not necessarily boring, designs for those who need a quilt in a hurry. Just decide whether you want to use pre-cuts, yardage, or scraps, and then get to work. You should have no problem completing any of these projects over a weekend. The quilts are all about lap size but you could enlarge them as needed with a little bit of thinking. Before you start put something in the crock-pot so supper will be ready when your crew want to eat and then start stitchin’. Just don’t forget the paper plates…

Simply Modern Christmas
Title: Simply Modern Christmas
Author(s): Cindy Lammon
Publisher: Martingale

Get ready for 14 fresh quilting projects! This new book offers easy projects that you can get completed between now and the biggest holiday of the year. No matter if you need a bed size quilt, a throw, a wall quilt, or table topper, you’ll find something just right within the pages of this book. Need to update your stockings? You’re going to love the pattern given here, with four designs for pieced cuffs. Need a new tree skirt (like I do)? There’s one here just waiting for you to get started on. Even though the projects are shown in the more modern colors, there’s nothing says you can’t use your own favorite colors and make just as great a project, one that might not even be in Christmas colors. There’s a lot of scope for the imagination here if you just take a look.

Fat Qtr Quickies
Title: Fat-Quarter Quickies
Author(s): Kathy Brown
Publisher: Martingale

If you’ve been looking for a book that is pre-cut friendly, here you go. Whether you use fat quarters or pre-cuts, i.e. 2-1/2″ strips, 5″ squares, etc., you’ll want to add this book to your collection. There are 11 projects that range from table runner size to full-bed quilt size with many of the designs being male friendly. Ms. Brown has designed a Fat Quarter Cutter Ruler, but you don’t necessarily need it in order to create these great projects. Even though the title implies that these quilts are made with fat quarters, you could always use up some of your stash as well. Feel free to use up those leftover strips or bits of strips in these designs. If the color works, use it!

Title: ‘Tis the Autumn Season'Tis the Autumn Season

Author(s): Jeanne Large & Shelley Wicks
Publisher: Martingale

Fall will be upon us before we want it to be so get ready to change out your decor with projects from this great new offering. There are ten projects, twelve if you count the two variations on a theme, along with extra information on decorating with quilts, selecting and preparing fabric, a couple of different applique techniques, and basic quiltmaking techniques. Projects range in size from pillows to full-sized quilts. Oh yes, there are also several recipes included as well. I think Jeanne’s Most Excellent Chocolate Chip Cookies is the one I’ll try first. Yum!!!

Stitch it for Spring
Title: Stitch It For Spring
Author(s): Lynette Anderson
Publisher: David & Charles

If you enjoy both quilting and embroidery then you will no doubt find several projects contained inside the 48 pages of this new book by Australian designer Lynette Anderson. There are projects of all sizes ranging from a full quilt to a teal towel. There are eight projects total each of whose theme is based on those things we love so much in the spring, i.e. rabbits, flowers, bees, and birds. I especially like the Hexagon Handbag and the Night Owl (coin) Purse with matching key fob. Please note that all items shown on the cover are not included in the book but are individual patterns that can be purchased separately.


Title: Log Cabin Fever
Author(s): Evelyn Sloppy
Publisher: Martingale
Log Cabin Fever
Evelyn Sloppy has done it again! She’s created 11 great designs from one of the best known blocks in the quilting world, the log cabin block. While I’m not a log cabin fan myself, I was immediately hooked by the very first quilt in the book, Basket of Logs. It’s now on my list of to-dos with a couple of varations. The rest of the quilts are just as interesting, not to mention tempting. If you’re a seasoned quilter looking for a way to use up scraps, this book’s for you. If you’re a beginner who doesn’t want your quilts to look like beginner quilts, this book is a must add to your collection.

Title: Modern Neutrals
Author(s): Amy Ellis
Publisher: Martingale
Modern Neutrals
We’re always looking for quilt designs that will work for the men in our lives. If you too are looking for a manly design or two, this book with its 15 quilt designs is perfect for you. Or, if your’re looking for a modern style quilt because your space is modern in nature, the designs in this book will be right at home in your home. From very square and geometric designs to one that looks curvy but isn’t, you’ll find just the right quilt design amongst the pages of this book.

Title: Triple-Play Scrap Quilting
Author(s): Nancy Allen
Publisher: Martingale
Triple Play Scrap Qltg
Scraps are one thing of which the majority of quilters never run out. It seems the more we take out of our scrap bag the the more we have left inside it. While most of us like scrap quilts, some do not. If you’re one who doesn’t like the very busy look of some scrap quilts you might find this book the answer to how you can use up your scraps without your quilt looking too busy. There are nine quilt designs from which to choose and you can make them as controlled as you like or as scrappy as your scrap bag will allow. You can use precuts or that one small square that you just couldn’t throw away that was leftover from a long ago project. Several of the designs will work for the man in your life as well as the little girl who needs a special quilt. Both piecing and applique techniques are used in making these designs.

Title: 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks
Author(s): Katy Jones
Publisher: Martingale
25 Patchwork Blocks
Starting out simple is the best way to begin your quilting life. That’s exactly what you’ll do in this book by Katy Jones. There are old favorites included amongst blocks that are new altogether. You can begin with a simple block such as the Nine Patch with several variations and move on to a Fractured Spider Web block which will use up lots of small scraps. The blocks are all 6″ finished (my favorite size) and can be mixed and matched for a sampler-style quilt or made in multiples to make interesting designs. In addition to the 25 block options there are four projects as well which range from a simple hot pad, or cookie coaster as she calls it, to a full-sized quilt project. A great book for the beginning quilter with enough more challenging blocks to give the seasoned quilter a run for their money as well.

Title: Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow
Author(s): Nancy Halvorsen
Publisher: Art to Heart
Ho Ho Ho...
The wait is over! The newest addition to your Art to Heart book collection has arrived. Ho Ho Ho Let It Snow has everything you need to make your holiday decorating complete. It has snowmen in several shapes and sizes, snowflakes, trees, a wreath, and old Ho Ho himself. The projects range from a full-sized quilt to pillows to a very small quilt that will fit on a new counter stand. The designs are similar to those in the Christmas Favorites book of last year and will coordinate with everything that you made from it. Don’t wait too long to get your copy because the holidays will be here before you know it.

Title: Countdown Calendars
Author(s): Design Collective
Publisher: C&T Publishing
Countdown Calendars

Mark those special days throughout the year with any one of these 24 projects. Be it a birthday, Father’s Day, a miltary homecoming, or Christmas, you’ll find just the thing to help you speed the days along. Great for use in teaching children “how many more days” they have to wait for their big day to arrive.

Els Kitchen
Title: Quilts from El’s Kitchen
Author(s): Eleanor Burns
Publisher: Quilt in a Day

Grab your ’30s repros and start stitchin’! This newest addition to the QID library is spiral bound and chocked full of everything quilters love. There are 17 blocks from which to choose in either the 12″ size or 6″ size that are named after foods or related kitchen items as well as history, recipes, extra projects, and tons of photos of quilts made by those who participated in her Kitchen Block Party. If you enjoyed her Egg Money Quilts book you’re going to love this 208 page book as well. Trust me!

Title: The Blue and the Gray
Author(s): Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene
Publisher: Martingale
The Blue and Gray
Filled with 19 small projects, those who enjoy traditional quilts will find this book quite enjoyable. None of the projects are larger than twin size with most being table topper or wallhanging size. There are a couple of table runners and two doll quilts included as well. If you find that you have a lot of Civil War scraps this will become one of your favorite go-to books for using them up. I can easily see this book being used by quilt circles wanting to do a block swap. Just be sure that everyone buys their own copy because you won’t want to let your copy out of your sight.

Title: Hexagons Made Easy
Author(s): Jen Eskridge
Publisher: Martingale
Hexagons Made Easy
If you’re as enamored as everyone else with the hex shape then you’ll want to add this book to your collection. From quilts to hot pads, pillows to banners, there’s projects of all sizes included. There are also quilting designs that you can use on your hexagons in the event that you don’t want to leave them plain. Come take a look! This is definitely not the normal Grandmother’s Flower Garden variety book.

Title: Save the Selvages
Author(s): Sandy Thompson
Publisher: Cozy Quilt Designs
Save the Selvages
Under the title of this book it says, “The ultimate small project book” and you can believe every word of it. There are 17 projects in this book, some small, some larger, that will make using up those selvages and gift giving a breeze. Choosing which of these to do first is going to be the hardest task. I’m drawn to the Teabag/Card Holder myself just because I enjoy my cuppa both at home and when I’m away from home. Then there’s the pincushion, bookmark, e-reader pouch, coffee cup holder, needle orgainzer… I think I’m going to be wearing out this book, and while I love selvage projects I can see making these with scraps or whole pieces of fabric. Great book!


Title: 101 Fabulous Small Quilts
Author(s): Various
Publisher: Martingale
101 Fabulous Small Quilts
This book is right up my alley. I LOVE small quilts and with 101 from which to choose I may never attempt a full-sized quilt ever again. Some of the patterns have been included in other publications which may or may not be out of print, but regardless of that fact these little quilts will not only give you almost instant gratification but they will also help use up those scraps that seem to multiply like rabbits. At just under $.30 per design you can’t pass up this little gem.

Title: Patchwork Palette
Author(s): Donna Lynn Thomas
Publisher: Martingale
Patchwork Palette
There are 13 projects here, each shown in an alternate colorway to show you how different quilts can look when made from different color choices. The author shows you how to create vibrant designs using three methods for choosing fabrics – the Rainbow Recipe, the Color Family Recipe, and the Mixed Recipe. You will learn how to use multiple fabrics in a controlled way to make quilts that from fine to fabulous.

Title: Paper Piecing Perfect Points
Author(s): Debby Kratovil
Publisher: Martingale
Paper Piecing Perfect Points
The technique that saved me where quilting is concerned is paper piecing. Had it not been for paper piecing I might not have a quilt shop now. I’d given up on having to match all those points because I didn’t find it relaxing at all. With paper piecing, however, I was able to make perfect blocks with perfect points. If you’ve been having second thoughts about quilting, or if you think you don’t like this technique, this new book with 13 projects is just what you need. In addition to points you’ll also learn how to work with curves. By the time you work through a project or two you’ll discover that paper piecing is the perfect way to piece.

Title: Seamingly Scrappy
Author(s): Rebecca Silbaugh
Publisher: Martingale
Seamingly Scrappy
Precuts seem to be all the rage now because quilters are not only creative people but we are busy people. There are 10 projects in this book that will suit both the beginner as well as the more experienced quilter. Learn how to make scrappy quilts with little or no trouble using all the new precut options that are available. Now you can have great results and no more excuses where time is concerned.


Title: Eye-Catching Quilts
Author(s): Quiltmaker Magazine
Publisher: Martingale
Eye-Catching Quilts
In this one book you will find everything you need for making a great quilt. Whether you want a doll quilt or a full-sized bed quilt, it’s in there. Whether you like regular piecing, paper-piecing, or applique, it’s in there. Stumped as to how to quilt your quilt once it is finished? No problem…the quilting design is also included in the book along with tips for making your projects hassle free. There are 16 designs in all with extra projects for extending the use of the design. Definitely a book you’ll want to add to your library.

Title: Twice as Nice
Author(s): Kari M. Carr
Publisher: Martingale
Twice as Nice
This is a great book for those of us who enjoy smaller projects. There are full-sized projects inside as well but it’s the pincushions and table toppers that grabbed my attention. With this book you’ll never have to wonder again what to do with your scrap stash or extra half-square triangles and other orphan parts. When I started looking through this book I just wanted to drop what I was working on and start on at least three of the dozen projects in the book. I didn’t though…or at least I haven’t yet.


Title: Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles
Author(s): Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe
Publisher: Martingale

Scrap quilts seem to be very popular now that the price of quality fabric has gone up. If you have a stash that needs busting then you need to take a look at this new offering. With one easy shape, a rectangle, you can make 15 different quilts. No need to worry about bias edges or difficult math. The authors will teach you how to work with value, color, and different styles of fabric so you can have a well-balanced quilt that will be pleasing to the eye and easy on the brain. While the designs are mainly geometric in nature you will still find enough movement and variation to keep the viewer intrigued.


Title: String Fling
Author(s): Bonnie Hunter
Publisher: Kansas City Star Quilts

Grab your scraps and get rid of your matchy-matchy mentality! Miss Bonnie has given us 13 quilt patterns to help us bust that every-growing pile of scraps that we just can’t part with but aren’t quite sure how to tame. With just one quilt in her new book you’ll be able to get rid of 12,000 little scraps of fabric! If you make all 13 quilts just imagine how much of your stash will go from little bits and pieces to wonderful and useful quilts to be enjoyed by yourself and others. Ya gotta have this book!

Title: Stitch It For Christmas
Author(s): Lynette Anderson
Publisher: David & Charles

Grab your needle and get ready for Christmas! This book has several cute projects from stockings to wall hangings that will bring a special warmth to your Christmas decorating. The combination of piecing and embroidery work will make these projects “keepers” for a long time. There are small projects just perfect for gift giving…still doable if you get started now.

Title: Home Sweet Quilt
Author(s): Jill Finley
Publisher: Martingale

A touch of spring has arrived in the pages of this new book by Jill Finley of Jillily Studio fame. Try appliqué the Jillily Way with step by step instructions. Once you have that down pat you’re ready to create any or all of the 12 designs included in this 96 page book. Start with something small like a dish towel and then try a pillow or two. Move on to table runners, wall hangings, lap quilts and then end up with queen size quilts. By the time you’ve finished you’ll have a beautifully appointed home and a new set of skills in your quilting tool box.

Title: Cuddle Me Quick
Author(s): Christine Porter & Darra Williamson
Publisher: Martingale

We’re always in need of quilts for babies be they on the way or newly born. This latest book by Christine Porter and Darra Williamson gives you 11 sweet designs that will be just right for those new babies in your life. Whether you need a quilt for a girl or for a boy, there are several designs from which to choose that will be perfect for all. Some designs are generic and can be used for either when you don’t know ahead of time what the baby will be. Some of the designs would even work well for older children including teens should the need arise. All you have to do is add more blocks or use the design and make the finished block size a little larger. Deciding whether to use the train or sailboats for a little boy or the ladybug or rubber ducks for a girl will most likely be your biggest challenge. Oh yes, there’s an alphabet and number set included, something we’re asked for all the time. Add this book to your library so you’ll be prepared when the next baby shower invitation arrives.

Title: Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond
Author(s): Quiltmaker Magazine
Publisher: Martingale

The title says it all…whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been quilting for a while you will absolutely love most, if not all, of the 14 quilts in this new book from Quiltmaker Magazine. Do you have leftover 2-1/2” strips from past projects or binding? Or maybe you just bought a new roll of these pre-cut lovelies. If so, you’ll want to make the Seashore Blankie or Love Notes. Maybe you like scrap quilts or string quilts even. If that’s the case you will find several that will fill the bill and bust that scrap stash. There’s even paper-piecing and appliqué quilts to make. Something for just about any and, dare I say it, all occasions.


Title: Best Wall Quilts
Author(s): McCall’s Quilting
Publisher: Martingale

This collection of 14 wall quilts by various designers gives you a great variety of designs from which to choose. Be it the modernized Baltimore Album or Lone Star without y-seams you’ll find that more than one of these wall quilts will tickle your fancy. My own fancy was tickled by the row quilt with appliqued iris, tulips, and daffodils. It reminds me of something that might have been stitched in the ’30s. I might just start there.

Title: Skip the Borders
Author(s): Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts
Publisher: Martingale

If you’re a beginner who wants your peers to think you’re an old hand at quilting this book needs to be the one you buy next. There are 15 projects divided into three sections: One-block Quilts, Two-block Quilts, and Outside-the-Block Quilts. Whether scrappy or controlled these quilts pack a lot of visual impact and stand on their own…without borders.

Title: Quilt a Gift for Christmas
Author(s): Barri Sue Gaudet
Publisher: David & Charles

From one of our favorite designers comes this wonderful 127 page book of 21 quilting and stitching projects. Every imaginable design for Christmas can be found here with projects including stockings, quilts, table runners, finger puppets, garland, and much more. Many of the projects use wool felt of which we have a nice variety. Get started now so you’ll be ready for the main event of the year!


Title: Baltimore Blocks for Beginners
Author(s): Mimi Dietrich
Publisher: Martingale

Learn Baltimore-style appliqué techniques in this step-by-step guide by well-known author and teacher Mimi Dietrich. You might not be able to attend one of her classes, but you will learn just as much from her new book as it covers everything from choosing fabrics to adding the label. The project given includes all the shapes that you need to know in order to master the art of appliqué.

Title: Blocks, Borders, Quilts!
Author(s): Sunny Steinkuhler
Publisher: Martingale

Oh my! This 144 page book is chocked full of great blocks, border designs, and information in general. The book is divided into sections with cutting instructions for both 12″ and 6″ blocks, 1″, 3″, 4″, and 6″ wide borders, sample quilt plans, construction techniques, paper-foundation patterns, and more. This mix-and-match workbook is one that definitely needs to be added to your library.

Title: Sew Merry and Bright
Author(s): Linda Lum DeBono
Publisher: Martingale

Get ready to have some fun! ‘Tis the season to get started on gifts for those on your lists and what better way to do that than with a new book that focuses on our favorite winter holiday. Need a new stocking, table runner, placemats, countdown calendar, or maybe a new throw? They’re in there! What about new ornaments, pillows, or a tree skirt? They’re in there too! With 21 easy projects at your fingertips you can outfit your whole house with new items made with love by you for those you love. While the projects in the book are done with bright, non-traditional fabrics you can easily put your mark on them by using the fabrics with which you prefer to work. Come on… time’s a wastin’! Get with it!


Title: 365 Quilt-Block Patterns
Author(s): Judy Hopkins
Publisher: Martingale

This perpetual calendar will keep your piecing skills in great shape when you make a different block each day. All you have to do is follow the lettered line drawing and cutting instructions. Each block is shown in color. The blocks range in size from 6″ to 14″. This calendar honors the memory of Judy Hopkins, a great designer, author, and teacher. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this calendar will benefit her favorite charity, the Juneau Arts and Humanities Fund.

Title: At Home with Country Quilts
Author(s): Cheryl Wall
Publisher: Martingale

Applique and patchwork come together in 13 perfect combinations in Cheryl Wall’s new book. In addition to great designs, these projects are great for cleaning out your scrap baskets and offer new ways of looking at favorite blocks or combinations of blocks. For example, my favorite Maple Leaf block is given a new twist that results in a much more interesting quilt than the traditional setting. In fact, I think I’ll start sorting my scraps right now!

Title: Quilting with Fat Quarters
Author(s): Staff
Publisher: Martingale

Enjoy 17 new patterns from the creative minds we normally don’t see who are behind the creative minds we know and love. Yes, the staff of That Patchwork Place have put together a variety of quilts with varied skill levels. They’ve also included lots of tips and how-tos so whether you are a beginner or somewhat advanced you’ll be glad you added this book to your library.


Title: Christmas Favorites
Author(s): Nancy Halvorsen
Publisher: Art to Heart

You get to see the latest offering by Art to Heart before Miss Martha does! That’s what she gets for going on vacation. I called Art to Heart the minute I got the post card announcing their new Christmas book and was anxiously awaiting its arrival. Now that it’s here I have no doubt that Miss Martha will want to do it all immediately, if not sooner. You’re going to be able to get a lot of mileage out of this book. There are 10 blocks that can be done individually or combined into one large quilt measuring approx. 61″x76″. If you have need of a small gift for someone special on your list any one of these would make a great gift and no doubt be warmly welcomed. You have plenty of time to get this done before the holidays if you start now so don’t delay!

Title: Simple Charm
Author(s): Kim Diehl
Publisher: Martingale

Finally…the book so many quilters have been waiting for! The latest offering from Kim Diehl will no doubt be as popular as all her others. This particular publication has 12 scrappy quilts, many of which incorporate applique making any quilt all the more interesting. Most of the projects are large quilts but there are also some small projects including a cute scrappy patchwork cat. If you like scrappy and you like applique you’ll definitely want to add this book to your library.

Title: Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts
Author(s): Mary Elizabeth Kinch & Biz Storms
Publisher: Martingale

In addition to a wonderful gallery of antique quilts for you to feast your eyes upon, you’ll find 10 “eye-popping” quilt patterns that were inspired by antique quilts in this publication. From tiny diamonds to oddly shaped strings the opportunities for using up lots of scraps resulting in amazing quilts abound in this book. Also inluded among the pages are “expert cutting and stitching advice” as well as “inventive construction techniques.” Start diggin’!

Title: 200 Blocks from Quiltmaker Magazine
Author(s): Multiple Top Designers
Publisher: Martingale

The 12″ blocks in this book are divided up into four sections: Pieced, Appliqued, Foundation Pieced, and Mixed Media. Full-sized patterns for the applique, embroidery designs, foundation, or English paper-piecing are all included on the bonus CD. Yardages needed for various quilt sizes and settings are included as are several ideas of how to set your blocks together. This one book would be a great resource for block swaps in your sewing circle and should keep you busy for quite a while. NOTE: If you use this book for such a swap each person involved should purchase their own copy.

Title: Needles and Notions
Author(s): Jaynette Huff
Publisher: Martingale

Paper-piecing isn’t really tricky at all. It’s the technique that made the difference between my continuing on in the quilting world and giving it up all together. I mean, who can’t sew on a line!? Thanks Carol and Angela for enlightening me! As quilters we are always looking for special items to go in our sewing space or to inform those around us what our passion happens to be. This book will give you everything you need to do just that. There are 12 blocks in both 4” and 6” sizes for items that we readily identify with as well as a 10”x14” block of Sewing Room Sue in her rocker with her quilt in her lap. Deciding which one to do first will be the tricky part.

Title: Mastering the Art of Longarm Quilting
Author(s): Gina Perkes
Publisher: C&T Publishing

If you’ve been looking for a resource that will take your longarm quilting from so-so to something awesome then look no further. This book gives you step-by-step instructions on how to work fabulous designs into your quilting. Included are 40 original designs as well as a wealth of information from this internationally known, award-winning quilter. Be prepared to be amazed!

Title: Pretty in Patchwork Doll Quilts
Author(s): Cathy Gaubert
Publisher: Lark Crafts

Everyone needs a quilt, even your baby dolls. This publication has 24 little quilts from which to choose so even the most discerning of dollies will find one just perfect for her. These little quilts are both interesting and innovative. They incorporate piecing, appliqué, and embroidery so no matter which technique you prefer you’ll find something that will be absolutely perfect.

Title: Jump-Start your Quilting
Publisher: House of White Birches

Precuts have become very popular and we’re always getting asked for patterns that use them. This book will give you 45 options from classic quilts to quick gifts and everything in between. There’s even a coat to keep your puppy dog warm! If you prefer projects that use up scraps you’ll still get a lot of mileage out of this publication as many, if not all, of the projects are scrap friendly.

Title: Treasured Quilts & delicious memoriesAuthor(s): Lynette Jensen & Marilyn Ginsburg
Publisher: Thimbleberries, Inc.

If you’re a fan of Thimbleberries you’re going to love this book. If you’re not a fan of Thimbleberries you’re still going to love this book. There are 12 projects which include wall quilts, runners, a baby quilt, and more to make for family and friends. Then there are 14 wonderful recipes to indulge in with family and friends. This book is truly a treasure and will become one of your favorites.


Title: Elegant Quilts, Country Charm
Author(s): Leonie Bateman & Deirdre Bond-Abel
Publisher: Martingale

Applique enthusiasts should be beating down the door for this book! It combines wonderful applique designs in both cotton and wool with quilt blocks for an extroridinary collection of quilting projects. The authors show you their technique for reverse applique which allows you to see a different fabric in the cutout section of some of the applique pieces. Not only are their quilt designs wonderful, but the space in which they have their quilt shop, The Quilted Crow located in Tasmania, Australia, is awesome. Their shop occupies a church built in 1865 complete with vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows. No lack of inspiration there!

Title: More Take 5 Quilts
Author(s): Kathy Brown
Publisher: Martingale

What can you do with just five fabrics! Open the pages of this book and you’ll see. There are 16 new projects inside the covers of this book and every one of them will entice you. One of my personal favorites, a tesselating design, adds a neutral for the five colors to play with as does some of the other designs. When we made the first Take 5 quilt for the shop I cheated and added two more fabrics for the inner and outer border. I call it poetic license and don’t think that Ms. Brown would mind my having done that one bit. You’ll love the ease with which you can make these projects. I’ve looked the book over several times and have come to the conclusion that if I had the time I’d start at the beginning and make every quilt. I’m even thinking about shrinking one of the quilt designs to make for my Doll Quilt Exchange for May.

Title: Scrap-Applique Playground
Author(s): Kay Mackenzie
Publisher: Martingale

This book is a must-have addition to your library if you’ve been looking for something different to do with your scraps. By sewing your little bits and pieces together and then cutting out the shape or design you want to applique you will be able to put a hurtin’ on that stash of scraps in a hurry. There are eight projects and once you learn the technique you’ll be scrap-appliquing forever. The first project I want to do is Studio. What I’ve not decided yet is whether to do it in the red, black, and white like the book or go with purple, yellow, and green. Maybe I’d better start with the little apple wallhanging and think about my color options for Studio during the process. Decisions, decisions…

Title: Sew Embellished!
Author(s): Cheryl Lynch
Publisher: Martingale

Challenge yourself by adding buttons, beads, ribbons, and all manner of interesting found objects to these little quilt projects. This is another technique where you only need small amounts of fabric and a little bit of creativity. Whether you want to create a memory of your most recent vacation or a Valentine for a loved one, the possibilities will be limited only by your imagination. I can see these little projects becoming addictive…very addictive.

Title: Baby & Kids Quilts
Author(s): Fons & Porter
Publisher: Leisure Arts

This is a must have book for your library! Regardless of the age of the children in your life you’re going to find a pattern, probably several, that will be perfect. There are 39 projects (for less than $1.00 each!) which include not only cute quilts but a diaper bag, an overnight bag for both a boy or a girl, and even instructions on making a t-shirt quilt. When they said it was the “Best of Fons & Porter” they weren’t kidding!


Title: String Quilt Revival
Author(s): Virginia Baker & Barbara Sanders
Publisher: Krause Publications

Don’t let this great publication on string quilts slip through your fingers! There are 13 designs from which to choose and since you’ll be using scraps there will never be two quilts exactly alike, unless you just make them identical on purpose. The authors hail from Columbia, TN and will be coming to our guild July 12 so we’ll get to see their quilts up close and personal. Exciting, exciting!!!

Title: Pretty Patchwork Quilts
Author(s): Cyndi Walker
Publisher: Martingale

Adding applique to a quilt almost always gives it the extra bit of zing it needs to really shine. There are 12 projects here based on traditional blocks but by adding that applique the ending result is anything but blah. Whether you add applique by hand or machine you are going to love the look of your new quilt long before that last stitch is taken.

Title: Civil War Legacies
Author(s): Carol Hopkins
Publisher: Martingale

Grag your Civil War scraps, or any others you might have on hand, and get ready to make some great scrap quilts. There are 15 projects in this new book of various sizes. The author has given each quilt a unique name and an explanation of why a quilt was given that name. Some of these are small enough that they will qualify for the doll quilt swap, so I don’t think I’ll run out of ideas any time soon.

Title: 50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks
Author(s): Carol Doak
Publisher: C&T Publishing

This book gives you 50 3″ blocks that will cover just about every occasion you can think of. The designs fit perfectly in Ms. Doak’s Keepsake Frame Cards or can be used together en masse.


Title: Creative Quilts from Your Crayon Box
Author(s): Terrie Linn Kygar
Publisher: Martingale

Learn Terrie’s Melt-n-Blend method of coloring in six easy lessons. You might not think you are artistically inclined, but you CAN do this technique with just a little practice. Use it with fusible applique and you will be amazed at the results. The tools are things you probalby already have around the house, but you might want to buy one of those really big boxes of crayons with lots of colors from which you can choose. Let the coloring begin!

Title: Dynamic Quilts with Easy Curves
Author(s): Karla Alexander
Publisher: Martingale

If you’ve ever wanted to try working with curves here’s your chance. This new book by Karla Alexander gives you 19 projects and tons of inspiration. If you’ve ever done her Stack the Deck technique you’re already ahead of the game as it is used again here. There are specialty rulers designed by Karla to make life easier, but they’re not required in order to get the desired effect. Look through your stash of rulers though because you might already have one that you’ve been waiting to use and just haven’t gotten up your nerve yet. Karla will be right beside you through the pages of her new book to walk you through all you need to know to use those rulers and to make these distinguished quilts.

Title: English Paper Piecing
Author(s): Vicki Bellino
Publisher: Martingale

If you’ve never tried English paper piecing or have been looking for a handwork project to take on trips you definitely want to get this book to add to your collection. In addition to the how-tos of the technique and some history on it there are 12 projects to make using hexagons, diamonds, dresden, and pentagon shapes. Some of the projects include regular piecing, like the log cabin block in one of the quilts, but since part of it requires handwork you can take it with you and have almost no down time in getting the project completed. It’s like having the best of both worlds right at your fingertips!

Title: Tales of First Ladies
Author: Eleanor Burns
Publisher: Quilt in a Day

This 127 page softcover book contains instructions for both 12″ and 6″ blocks as well as tidbits of information on several of our first ladies. Techniques include both piecing and applique. Illustrations are in full color and additional projects are included.


Title: My Runners
Author(s): Asdis Erla
Publisher: Disa Designs

If you’re looking for a new table runner or two for your home look no further. This book has 12 runners that are perfect for any season and most any occasion. There are the traditional rectangular versions, but it’s the round and heart shaped ones that really get your attention. Sizes vary but most can be adjusted for longer or shorter tables as needed. Best of all, the designs can be used for so many other projects that this will become your go-to book sure to be used over and over again.


Title: Inspirational Applique – Reflections of Faith, Hope, and Love
Author(s): Cheryl Almgren Taylor
Publisher: Martingale

If you are a fan of applique, this book will give you plenty to work on. There are 11 small projects based on Biblical passages and imagery. Whether you need a table runner, a pillow, or a wallhanging you will find something just right for most occasions. The attention to detail in these designs will impress you and sometimes challenge you as well. The projects can be made as is or broken into multiple designs. For instance, I can see the four blocks in Birds of the Air made as individual projects such as a pillow or appliqued onto a jacket or tote. The lilies on the Lilies of the Field table runner are gorgeous. The cover wallhanging would be great for a new couple or as a house warming gift. I can easily see this book being used repeatedly as you share your love of quilting with others.

Title: Slash Your Stash – Scrap Quilts from McCall’s Quilting
Author(s): McCall’s Quilting
Publisher: Martingale

Scrap quilts are always fun and an easy way to bust your stash, or at least tickle it just a bit. As I was looking through this book I was pleasantly surprised to see a quilt included from one of our own well-loved local quilters and teachers, Elaine McGarry. Her Jack in the Pulpit quilt is the result of a block swap with others in her quilting group. Congratulations Elaine! Hers is just one of 16 quilts from which to choose your next must-do project. Of course, with a basket quilt included in the mix I think that’s where I might just start. There’s a great variety of designs and techniques contained in this one publication. From traditional to contemporary, appliqued to hand-pieced you’ll not only enjoy looking through this book but actually creating from it as well.

Title: Spotlight on Neutrals
Author(s): Pat Wys
Publisher: Martingale

Neutrals are usually those colors which a quilter forgets to buy because they’re not overly pretty and rarely jump out at you screaming, “Buy me! Buy me!” However, in this new publication they they not only demand your attention they command it. The cover quilt, Scrappy Nines, is such an example. The interesting setting is made even more interesting by the choice of fabrics which are mainly tans, creams, blacks, and grays. If you don’t have a good stash of these fabrics you need to start collecting because while you can use just a few, as stated in the directions, the more added to the minimum required the more likely it is that this quilt will become a favorite. There are 12 projects inside, all of which have a special something that will cause you to want to make one of each for yourself. Deciding just which one might prove to be as difficult as buying those quiet, but oh-so-necessary neutrals.

Title: Urban Country Quilts
Author(s): Jeanne Large & Shelley Wicks
Publisher: Martingale

I hate to say it, because it means you won’t be spending much money here, but you’ll find everything you need to decorate your home in this one book. Of course, if your bed is larger than a twin you’ll have to make a few extra blocks to make the quilts fit. From pillowcases to framed fiber art there’s something for every room in the house. Techniques include applique, embroidery, and lots of piecing. Ever wanted to make a quilt with curves but were afraid to try? You’ll find an interesting technique here that will allow you to create a quilt with curves and very little stress. Need an easy quilt that will work well for either a boy or girl? There’s a great one in here called Jack & Jill that you’ll absolutely love. Yes, these 15 projects will make your house a home in no time flat.


Title: Accent on Angles
Author(s): Susan Purney Mark
Publisher: Martingale

If you like working with strip sets this book needs to come home to live with you. The techniques used to create these nine unique projects are simple but yield dramatic results. If you already have a goodly supply of 1-1/2″ or 2-1/2″ strips on hand you’ll be able to use them here with very little effort. In addition to working with strips you can also indulge in a little applique as well. Best of all there are no special tools required. My personal favorite and first on my list to do is Dragon Bones. Love it!!!

Title: Another Bite of Schnibbles
Author(s): Carrie Nelson
Publisher: Martingale

If you enjoyed Carrie’s Schnibbles Times Two book you’re going to enjoy this one just as much, maybe even more. There are 24 quilts in all, 12 each of two sizes, that use either 5″ squares or 10″ squares. Whether you use squares from one collection or cut up your stash you’ll have a great time piecing these designs for yourself or as gifts. Carrie has also included a quote for each project which is one of her hallmarks and one of the reasons I love her as a designer. For me, deciding whether or not to do Cindy Lou Who first or Nash, both of which have significance because of the name, is not going to be easy. I might just have to draw straws to settle this one.

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