It’s Not Just Me…

I live in a perpetual state of behindness it seems. Rarely am I caught up, much less ahead of the game. I’ve been called a procrastinator extraordinaire, but after taking a few psych classes to get my degree, I learned that I’m one of those folks who performs better when the pressure is on. Because of that, I tend to leave things until it’s almost too late to get them done and then in a flurry of activity everything that needs doing gets done and in my tiny mind I’m proud of myself because I actually got it done the day before, or more often than not the morning before, it was needed.

I’ve often wondered if it was just me not using my time wisely, but here lately I’ve noticed that several bloggers that I follow are apologizing for not having blogged for a month or two. Seems like mine isn’t the only busy life out there. To be honest about it, I think I’d rather they be creating something for us to enjoy than blogging anyhow.

Despite being behind on most things, I managed to post on our Facebook page the other day that Moda is having a designer blog hop. I did it the day it started rather than giving folks a heads-up so they could be ready, but at least I did it. I’ve managed to keep up for the most part but haven’t looked at the designers for today yet. I’ll get there…eventually. It’s been interesting to see what these creative minds have done with one simple letter of the alphabet. Be sure to check it out.

The other thing I meant to tell you about is a new BOM that started this past Saturday at Justquiltin with Denise Russart. It’s called From Head to Toe and is really cute. The patterns are on for just a limited amount of time so don’t dawdle on this one. A new pattern will be posted on the third Saturday of the month making it easy for me to remember because that’s the day we have our All Stitched Up meeting.

Last, but definitely not least, are the free designs by Jenny of Elefantz. One of her newest ones, The Sparrow has been saved and is on my to-do list. If you go to her Craftsy site you’ll find a few more freebies as well as some designs that are for sale. They’re all just lovely, and I bet you’re going to love them as much as I do.

Now I must dash on to the next to-do on my always long list. Oh, wait! Victoria just came home after spending last night in Huntsville. I think the next important item on my to-do list is eating an apple dumpling and ice cream with her while we catch up on the events of the last two days. YUM!

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