Are You Ready to Hop!?

Pic-2016 Houses RevsdIt’s that time of year again! Time for the Row by Row Experience to commence! If you participated last year, I bet you’ve been chompin’ at the bit for the fun to begin again. Well, your long wait is over. Tomorrow’s the day!

If you’re new to Row by Row, then you’re in for a treat. This is the quickest way for you to create an inexpensive, i.e. FREE, stash of great patterns as well as learn about a lot of quilt shops you never knew existed. Of course, you’re going to have to do a bit of leg work in order to collect the patterns, so grab a friend or two, visit Row by Row Experience to chart your course, and get going!

This year, Home Sweet Home is the theme that all shops were given to work with. What a wonderful theme! Once I got started I couldn’t stop finding things to create using this theme. That’s not bad given that I can’t draw worth a flip. Even still, I not only created a row as required by the powers that be, but I’ve also created a couple or three other patterns which will be revealed throughout the summer based on this same theme. The first one involves both piecing and embroidery. Victoria has completed the embroidery, but as her schedule and mine haven’t meshed very well the past couple of weeks the sample isn’t totally finished. I hope to have it available in the next two or three weeks if not sooner. It’s a small project and will make a great addition to your own décor. Then again, maybe you, like us, have several weddings to go to this summer and would like to give a unique wedding gift. This just might be the very thing you’ve been looking for. Be sure to watch our Facebook page for the reveal.

Pic-2016 License PlateIn addition to collecting patterns you can also collect fabric license plates. Most, if not all, shops will have a unique fabric license plate that you can purchase when you visit their shop. Last year, there was a Facebook group that swapped license plates. I’ve not checked to see if that’s going again this year, but if you’re interested you might want to check that out. If you don’t live closeby but would like one of our license plates, you can purchase one from our Etsy Shop.
Ptrn-PA-Braggin Pole 1
If you’re not sure what to do with the license plates, you might want to purchase this new pattern by Patch Abilities. We do have a few of these in stock. Our license plate from last year is second from the top! See us? There are also patterns to make wallets and tote bags, just to give you a couple more ideas.

While you’re not required to make a purchase in order to receive a pattern, don’t just run in, get your pattern, and then run out. I say that because a lot of our visitors did just that last year. At least walk through the shops and see what they have to offer, especially if you’ve never been there before. You’ll probably be visiting a lot of shops so make notes along the way. You’ll want to be able to remember where to go in the future when you’re looking for fabric, etc. for a new project.

The shops have put in a lot of work getting ready for this event. Let them know you appreciate their having done so, else they might not participate again next year if they don’t feel it was worth their time and effort. Above all have fun and get inspired to create something beautiful and unique for your own home, sweet home.

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