Spring is Here!

Since March came in like a lion I look forward to it going out like a lamb and moving on into April. I’ve always like the month of April for some reason. Probably because when I was younger it meant that May was right around the corner and that’s my birthday month. It’s probably also because April meant that school was getting closer to being out for the summer and I loved being out of school in the summer.

We have tulips blooming, Forsythia, and two Chinese Almond bushes, at least that’s what I was told they were, beautifully adding color to the front of the house. It’s wonderful to have flowers around, especially when you didn’t have to do any of the planting to enjoy them. All the flowers we have are left over from the previous owners. We appreciate what they left us and are grateful that they took the time to plant all the things that come back each year.

My grandparents, on both sides, were wonderful at gardening. My maternal grandmother only had to throw the seeds out into the yard for flowers to spring up. I’m not so gifted. My mind wants to do it, and my imagination has this whole property ablaze in color and fresh veggies on the table each evening, but that is only in my imagination and will probably always only be in my imagination. Each year I hint that a gifted person who would like another place to play and plant is welcome to indulge their passion anywhere on our 12 acres. So far, no one has taken the hint.

I guess I’ll just have to content myself with being able to create with fabric. It’s a chore I know, but somebody has to do it. I don’t get to create as much as I’d like but I have learned that if I don’t make time to do something just for me, i.e. what I want to do vs. what I need/have to do for the shop, I get a bit out of sorts and antsy. With that in mind, I decided to join a swap group that will swap doll quilts. I’ve learned that I’m much better with smaller projects than larger ones so doll quilts suit me just fine.

I’ve had a love affair with dolls every since I can remember and still have my Barbie dolls from the early ’60s as well as all those dresses that my maternal grandmother made for them. If you love dolls too and want to join the group you need to do so quickly as names will be given out before the end of this month. Click on the Doll Quilters Monthly link to the right under the Blogroll and you’ll get all the information you need to join in the fun. Right now I believe there are 30 members. No, you don’t have to make that many quilts each month so don’t faint on me. You just make one quilt to swap with one person each month. There’s a theme to go by, but I think you can do whatever you like as well. The first theme is three colors. I’m going to use yellow, blue, and green for my three colors and have already picked out the pattern. I’m really on a roll! I don’t even have my person’s name yet! I’m both excited to make my little quilt as well as receive one from a complete stranger who might just become a good friend.

I have to thank Denise for putting the info on her blog, Count it All Joy! If you’ve not checked out her blog you really need to do that. She’s got all kinds of wonderful information for you to enjoy including alot of tea related goodies. One of these days we’re going to have to get together for a tea party. We’ll invite Ellen to join us as she’s my other tea buddy.

Be sure to look at the “Just In” section of the blog as I’ve just listed several new fabrics that have come in. If you don’t get our e-mail then you’ll want to go to The Quilt Show website today through Sunday and immerse yourself, FREE of charge, in the wonderful world of quilting that Alex and Ricky have worked to bring to you. You’re going to kick yourself if you miss this opportunity.

Speaking of getting our e-mails, each time I send out information via e-mail I get tons of returned mail. For example, I deleted several names this morning from the Huntsville guild listing due to returned mail. If you used to receive our e-mails and no longer do so, please drop me a note and give me your address. It could be that you changed your address and I still have the old one. As always, please do share our e-mails with your friends. They’ll love you for it!

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