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Drop everything and go to the Henry Glass Fabricsblog where you will find information on their blog hop that began this past Sunday. That’s right! Today is day three and we’re behind! There are prizes to be won, not to mention free patterns, and inspiration out the wazoo. You’re going to kick yourself if you don’t jump on this!

So far I’ve managed to vist four of the designers listed. I just had to stop hoppin’ and tell you about it though so you could enjoy yourself as much as I have been. The four patterns that I have downloaded are absolutely perfect for my taste and for Miss Martha who needs to get herself a computer. When I look at the different projects I can just hear her saying, “Cute, cute, cute!” Then there’s Miss Janice, Ann, Denise, and Teresa to name just a few who I think will enjoy the patterns, at least the first four, as much as I have. I can’t vouch for the others yet, but I bet they’re going to be just as great. Man, I’m going to have to type fast so I can get back to hoppin’!

Finding out about the hop was purely by accident. I went to The Whole Country Caboodle’s website to see what she might have new now that market has come and gone. There was a Santa pattern that looked interesting but that’s as far as I got to look because I noticed the link for the Jolly Holiday Party. Not one to miss a party I clicked on the link and the fireworks began. A few of the designers I knew about already, but the others I didn’t so here’s my chance to learn about someone new and possibly to introduce their designs to the shop. I’m sure that was part of the intent of the hop so who am I to mess up HG’s well-designed plan.

In addition to “meeting” new designers I was compelled to take a look at the new lines of fabric by Henry Glass. We don’t have much of their fabric other than some past season shirtings and their wonderful Classic Crush of which color 119 is the background to our Basket Bounty BOM. Love, love, love that fabric in all the colors, some of which I was told had unfortnately been discontinued when I called earlier in the year to order the background fabric. There are still several colors showing on the website so I’m hoping that all those colors as still available. I’ve learned not to trust what I see on websites though as they’re not always up to date. I’d love to have one of each color in the shop, but there’s this space issue that keeps preventing the addition of a lot of new fabric. It’s also hard to buy fabric sight unseen and I can’t say as the sales rep for HG has been very visible in the past seven years that we’ve had the shop. In fact, he’s only been here twice. I guess I’m just not a big enough account for it to be worth his time. Although, I might be at some point in time and you’d think he’d want to better represent the companies who pay him to do so. OK…off the soapbox. This is supposed to be an upbeat and positive posting, not a rag-on-the-sales-rep posting.

Where was I…oh, yes…tomorrow I’ll have to revisit the blogs and leave comments. My laptop won’t let me do that now and I’ve got to leave a comment because if I do I get my name in the drawing for great gifts. Yep, not only is Henry Glass giving away a great bundle of goodies but each designer is giving something away as well. I’m not usually lucky, but you can’t win if you don’t leave a comment.

It’s getting late so I’d best get back to hoppin’. I still have all of day three to look through which means there are three more designers to visit. Two of those I am already familiar with, one of which, the Little Quilts ladies, I’ve actually met and talked to. It was several years ago so they’d not remember me, but I remember them because it was like meeting some of my favorite movie stars. I can’t wait to see what free pattern they’ve got to offer!


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