Much Needed Prayer

Life is busy. That goes without saying if you happen to be a mom. We tend to take for granted that one day will be pretty much like the next, and if we behave ourselves nothing much will go wrong. Life will be good…and busy.

But…you knew that was coming didn’t you. But, no matter how much sameness there is in our everyday life there’s always the chance that something unexpected might happen. Such is the case in the life of one of our quilting icons, Libby Lehman. One day she’s in Paducah immersed in the quilting life she so loves, the next thing we know she’s in the hospital having surgery for an aneurysm.

In the event that you haven’t heard, on May 2 it was announced on The Quilt Show that Miss Libby was in a Houston hospital suffering from an aneurysm. On May 5 the update said that the swelling in her brain had gone down but that the stroke she suffered on Friday was massive. The stroke paralyzed her left side. Miss Libby is left handed.

She was kept unconscious for several days but the good news today was that she was awake a couple of times and did respond to her husband’s voice. She is still in critical but stable condition. She and her family members need our prayers. While her body is healing, her family, close friends, and the quilting community in general are no doubt trying to overcome the shock that this unexpected event has inflicted.

I think I can honestly say there are a lot of quilters out there who love Miss Libby as if she was a blood relative and who admire her work and creativity. If you read my previous post you might remember my mentioning Martha Pullen’s Quilt Academy. It was there that I was first introduced to Miss Libby and her wonderful thread painting skills. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, it was at that first academy so you can see why my brain was on overload at the end of the first day. I have admired her work ever since. I have her Threadplay book and have planned on trying her techniques since I first saw her lecture at the academy, I think that was in 2001 but don’t hold me to that. While it doesn’t seem like that many years have passed, they have. Look at all these years where I’ve wanted to do something and haven’t. Yes, I’ve been busy raising and teaching our children, running the shop, etc., but (there’s that word again) I’ve lost out on ten years of possibly creating something beautiful.

Unexpected health issues like those that have happened and are playing out in Miss Libby’s life are a wake up call to us all. No one knows what’s going on inside their body at any given time, and we don’t know when our body is going to go crazy on us and retaliate for not taking better care of it. I for one am guilty of said negligence…very guilty. Needless to say, since learning about Miss Libby’s condition I have been doing a lot of thinking. There are some things I need to take care of, some are health related, many are family related, and I need to do that sooner than later because I have no guarantee that there will be a later. How about you?

The folks at The Quilt Show have graciously opened two episodes with Libby Lehman for viewing, free of charge to all. They are episodes #112 and #513. Whether you are or are not familiar with this wonderful quilter’s work, you need to take some time and watch these shows. Don’t put this off as they are only available until May 12.

The family has asked that no flowers or quilts be sent to the hospital, but cards, either the paper variety or fabric cards can be sent and would be appropriate at this time. I get the feeling that Miss Libby might just top Santa when it comes to getting mail. The address for sending her a card is:

Libby Lehman
617 Caroline
Houston, TX 77002

While a card shows that we care about her condition and serves to let the family know just how highly we regard this talented woman, though I’m sure they already know that, continued prayer on her behalf is really what she needs most of all. Yes, I know she’s not the only person in the world who is in critical condition at the moment, but she’s the only quilting person that I know at the moment who’s creative abilities would be sorely missed were they not able to continue to bless and enrich the lives of those of us who live and breathe quilting. So take a moment now and as often as you think of Miss Libby in the coming days and weeks and ask our Great Physician if He would be merciful to her, give her strength and healing, give the doctors wisdom, and allow her to fully recover. God does still answer prayers. He does still allow for miracles. All we are told to do is to ask in prayer, believing, and He will answer. The verse that I’ve learned to cling to in times like these is Psalm 18:30, “As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.” You can’t get any better than perfect.

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