Happy New Year!

Okay, okay, okay…I’m late again.  If you know me well you’re used to it by now.  My great intentions rarely, if ever, turn in to great renditions.  If only there was a way to plug something into my brain that would allow words to be typed into this blog as I thought them, then you wouldn’t have to wait forever and a day to find out what all is going on at the shop.  Of course, you could always drop in a little more often and then you’d be up to date for sure.

2011 Limited Edition Charm

If you got the last newsletter you learned about our charm giveaway.  If you didn’t get our newsletter then you need to e-mail me with your address and I’ll send you a copy.  Until then, you need to know that you can receive a free charm when you shop and spend $50 after discount and before tax.  The charms are not only fun to collect, they’re cute as well.  Besides, if you’re going to spend $50 anyhow you might as well get something free for having done so.  Right?  There will be different charms each month so coming once just won’t do.  In fact, you have the opportunity to collect as many as 24 charms between now and the end of the year.  That’s a lot of jingle jangle on your wrist if you put your charms on our sterling silver charm bracelet or on your shirt if you choose the barn pin or the wild and crazy colored one.

Northern Lights Colorway

 Thimbleberries Club for 2011 has begun.  If you didn’t sign up we can still fit you in if you hurry.  There’s a one time fee for club dues which is $25.  The kit is $25 each month and that will get you everything you need to complete the exclusive club quilt top.  Backing and batting are extra.  In addition to the pattern and fabric each month you will receive a newsletter from Lynette Jensen, a monthly meeting project, 20% off Thimbleberries products all year long, a charm pack of your chosen colorway, and more.  We have a free sewing day each month in addition to our club meeting which is on the third Saturday of each month from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.  Come on, join the club!

23 Great Projects!

One of your favorite magazines has just come in!  Quilts and More for Spring is here and it’s full of great projects to keep you busy.  I’m chompin’ at the bit to make the clutch shown on the front cover.  I read over the directions yesterday and it looks like it will be very easy to do.  The hard part will be deciding which fabric scraps and embellishments to use.  Then there’s the pincushions, one of which doubles as a sewing kit.  There is a pattern for a cute headband that you’ll want to make mulitiples of as well as quilts of various styles.  Don’t wait too long to come in though, supplies are limited and once we sell them all we won’t be getting any more.

We have several new books for you to look through.  One of particular interest is The Civil War Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy.  In addition to history and diary entries, this book has numerous projects for you to sink your teeth into.  Most of the quilts are small with several of them being doll quilts.  You’ll want to check out the gallery at www.martingale-pub.com and see just what you can create with this great book.  It’s another of those from which you’ll want to do several, if not all, of the projects.

Then there’s Scrap-Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett.  This book has great ideas for using those 2-1/2″ strips you’ve been collecting.  Deciding which one to do first will probably take you as long, if not longer, than the actual stitching.  I’ve looked through this book half a dozen times and have narrowed it down to maybe four that I could live without doing, but the rest of the eighteen are callin’ my name…LOUDLY!

Then there’s Quilt Fiesta by Cheryl Lynch.  The quilts and other projects in this book are based on designs taken from Mexican tiles.  The variations will make for a refreshingly different look than what you might normally do.  Since variety is the spice of life you’ll need to get your hands on this book ASAP!

Those books are just the tip of the iceburg.  We have several others that I couldn’t resist bringing into the shop.  It’s the usual reason, you know.  I want to make the quilts or projects so I buy the books.  I have too many other things going on so I don’t get to make anything, but you can benefit from my ambition which lacks ample time to come to fruition (sniff! sniff!).   

One of the popular things to make lately seems to be the potato baker that allows you to bake your potatoes quickly and completely in the microwave.  We now have the pre-quilted fabric complete with cotton batting so you can knock these great little bags out in no time flat.  We have the pattern as well so there’s no guess work, or much effort, on your part.

Dragonfly Summer

We have also just received the charm squares for Dragonfly Summer by Moda.  This is the group from which we hope to be doing Moda’s basket quilt BOM starting in April.  The purples, greens, creams, and beige fabrics are lovely and rich.  We will be getting the whole group eventually.  You’ll love it!

We have some really cute patterns to share with you too.  Miss Janice has stitched up a couple of great offerings that you need to come by and take a look at.  We’ll have kits on one of the monthly projects because it incorporates small amounts of wool felt.  She made our sample into a wallhanging but for herself she made a pillow to sit in one of her chairs.  I’ll have to get a photo and share it with you next time.

Until then…keep on stitchin’!

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