Afternoon Tea with Wittard

After a nine hour plus day of taking care of a two year old, sweetheart though she is, it’s nice to come home and have a good cup of tea. Such was the case this afternoon when I came home and made a pot of Afternoon Tea by Wittard. They gave this particular blend the number four (04) designation since 4:00 is the perfect time to enjoy this blend. And enjoy it I did.

This blend of black tea (70%), jasmine-scented green tea (29%), and bergamot flavouring was just what I needed to make the shift from silly-acting caregiver to sensible, if not somewhat boring, adult. By the time I’d finished the third cup I was refreshed, ready to fix supper and visit with you through this post. The soothing aroma of this blend went a long way in aiding with the shift. Add to that the smoothness and lack of astringency, I was one relaxed granny.

It’s been quite a while since I had this selection which means I’d forgotten that it was a blend of black and green tea. It was after I’d added milk to the first cup that I read the ingredients and the note to only add milk to black tea. Add to that faux pas the fact that the best-by date passed more than three months ago. No matter. It still tasted great!

The only thing that would have made this tea a better choice this afternoon would have been for it to be caffeine free. Even though this isn’t a decaf blend, I’ll not forget that I have it in my stash to enjoy in the future when my day seems a bit longer than usual.

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