A Peach of a Tea with a Bit of Ginger

We southerners love our peaches in every possible configuration be it in cobblers, preserves, ice cream, fried pies, regular pies, with cream or sliced up straight off the tree. Of course the best time for peaches is in the summer, which it isn’t right now. So, what’s a body to do when you have a hankerin’ for juicy peaches in the middle of winter? Why, pull out the peach tea of course. In my case it’s peach tea that has been paired with ginger. Talk about a match made in heaven… This combination definitely is just that, a bit of heaven to get you through the cold dreary days of winter.

Ginger Peach tea from The Tao of Tea is a loose leaf black tea to which has been added 2FB9DA89-BABF-43BA-A45C-BB7FA1F23E19organic dried ginger, calendula flower petals, and natural peach essence. Even if there weren’t a label on the front of the packaging you’d know with one whiff what kind of tea you’d be enjoying once the steeping was done. The peach taste is there along with a bit of spiciness that’s imparted to it by the ginger. And yes, I do add honey. While I’ve only ever indulged in the hot version, you can also enjoy this tea iced. No wonder this blend is one of their most popular.

As I’ve mentioned before, I almost always make three cups of tea when drinking a black tea. I also mentioned that I’m a very slow drinker. I can nurse a little pot of tea until it’s tepid, even though it’s been covered, and has to be warmed up in the microwave. I know, not good. However, I learned after the first couple of times brewing up this particular tea not to leave the leaves in the pot for an excessively long time else that last cup of tea would be quite bitter, as in it would set my teeth on edge.

Then one day while shopping at HomeGoods, I ran across an interesting tea pot that I’d never seen before (I don’t get out much you see). It caught my attention not only because it was on sale but also because my husband had just started using a French press for his coffee and loved the difference it made in the flavour. This little teapot looked to be essentially the same thing as a French press but D372932D-C2D0-4452-87D6-8A66BF724F97definitely meant to be used with tea based on the shape. It’s made by Bodum and is the Assam style. Although I’ve only ever used it when making Ginger Peach tea, I absolutely love this little teapot! Of course, I was a bit intimidated by it at first because I didn’t want to ruin a pot of tea. Thankfully, I worried for nothing because the tea that came out of that little pot was perfect, absolutely perfect. Best of all, even after leaving the leaves in the infuser for the duration of my longer-than-normal tea time there was no bitter taste from this Ginger Peach blend. Hallelujah! To say I was a happy camper would be an understatement.

Why does this teapot make such a big difference? It’s because the steeping of the leaves ends once the plunger is pushed down and traps the leaves in the bottom of the infuser where the walls are solid. This keeps the tea from getting stronger because the leaves are no longer in contact with the water/tea. Another plus is that you can resteep the tea later if you like. I’ve never done that, so I can’t tell you how well the tea retains its flavour, but according to The Tao of Tea’s website, this particular blend can be steeped up to three times.

As for caffeine, it’s a bit more than moderate, so I tend to drink it no later than 3492448A-9DDB-4A24-81B0-6D51555919003:00. While I do also have their Peach blend, without the added ginger, I much prefer the Ginger Peach. There’s just something about the addition of ginger that takes a nice peach tea to an amazing peach tea. In my humble opinion, this tea is absolutely peachy keen.

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