Freebie Friday!

It’s been a while since I put together a list of freebies that I find as I cruise around the internet. I’m usually not looking for freebies; they just seem to pop up somehow. I’m not complaining mind you. It’s always nice to find free surprises. Even though we all have more on our to-do lists than we can possibly ever get done it never hurts to have options. The more the merrier I always think. Just click on the underlined words and you should be transported like magic on a wonderful adventure.

Be sure to check out Peck’s Pieces to get the last blocks of the Snowmen in the Pines wallhanging along with Miss Marjory’s newest offering, Chain of Love. If you get crackin’, I bet you can get that one finished for Valentine’s Day.

Do you like mysteries? I do if we’re talking in novel form. I’m not quite so keen on quilt mysteries but couldn’t resist following along with the New Year’s Day 2013 Mystery offered by Sheryl of Quilting Tizzy. All the clues are still there but she won’t leave them up forever. Just click on the link at the top of the page and you’ll find everything you need to get you going.

I’ve been following the Sentiments Sampler by Dawn Heese for Henry Glass Fabrics since October. It is a lovely 12 block sampler set on-point. I wish I could tell you that I have all the fabrics that were used to make that quilt, but I do not. There’s just so much room in the shop and so much room in our budget (yes, we kinda sorta do have one…such as it is). Be sure to save or print all the patterns for the blocks because there’s no guarantee how long they’ll be available.

Bunny Hill Designs is one of my favorites so I was thrilled when Anne posted a pattern for a heart to make on her blog January 5. She didn’t just make one heart she made a bunch of them! Go over and look at the different styles she made and the different ways she displayed them. I’ve got my pattern printed out and have been looking over my fabric options. Decisions, decisions…

January tends to be the month when we make resolutions to do many things. One such thing is oftentimes getting organized. I ran across these free storage labels when looking for something else…imagine that! There are round labels, square labels, and rectangular labels. Laminate them and they’ll last for a very long time. BHG has made the patterns in multiple colors so you could even color-code some things around the house. How clever is that! Thankfully, they give you the correct size of label that you’ll need to purchase if you don’t have them on hand already. So, if you want to organize your pantry, laundry room, sewing room, wherever, you now have the perfect labels for the task.

Speaking of labels, I think I may have shared this link before but couldn’t find it quickly when I went back through older posts so I’ll include it here for your convenience. I’ve had so much fun changing up the clip art on these labels. I made some for Victoria to put on gifts this past Christmas. I used the regular mailing label size template but deleted whatever the little picture was on the left hand side. I then put a harp clip art in that space making unique labels that left no doubt in anyone’s mind who was giving them a gift. I used them for the generic “From: The Andersons” as well as for our local guild since I’m now the secretary and have to mail out the newsletter to some of our members. I have a little mouse sitting on a pink spool of thread on those labels. Too cute! Give these a try. If you prefer unique address labels this is the way to go.

In looking to see whether or not I had given you the last label information or not, I discovered that there were ads at the bottom of my blog pages. Since I rarely read my own blog I didn’t realize these were there. I apologize for them being there and will look into how to get rid of them. I think I probably have to pay WordPress some amount in order to have them removed. Rest assured that I’m not making any money off the ads, but I do believe that they are in an effort to cover the cost of the FREE blog site they offer. Maybe it’s only in our beloved Quiltland that things offered for free really are.

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