A Tea That’s My Favourite Colour!

When looking for something new to try back before Christmas that was caffeine free, I ran across Indigo Punch from Harney & Sons. The photo on their website was as appealing as the description of the blend. Put a purple tea in front of me and it’s quite doubtful that I’ll resist it.
Pic-HS-Indigo Punch Loose
This tea is a blend of butterfly pea flower, fragrant apple pieces and rosehips, bright lemongrass, lemon peel, and vivid raspberry. A natural honey flavour has also been included in the blend, but that didn’t stop me from adding more honey to my cup of tea. While I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like the butterfly pea flower flavour, as I’d never had it before, I shouldn’t have been concerned. This blend is absolutely wonderful! I greatly enjoyed this tea on many levels. Visually it was appealing with its purple colour, the aroma that wafts upwards when you take the lid off the tin is wonderful, and the flavour is perfect.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I had to look up information on the butterfly pea flower. Seems it has been used to treat several ailments down through the years that include, but are probably not limited to, general pain, the reduction of inflammation, common eye issues such as conjunctivitis, to fight against certain types of cancers, and stimulate brain health. Because it contains a lot of antioxidants, it helps the body fight free radicals that can cause premature aging and are toxic to our system. That means that this tea could be used as an aid to detox the body.

The other thing I learned about this flower is that it has the ability to change colours depending on the pH. It will also change colour depending on how it’s prepared. If you add lemon juice to tea made from blue butterfly pea flowers it will change the colour from blue to purple. Since this blend has lemon peel I’m guessing that’s why it turned out to be such a lovely purple colour.

Pic-HS-Indigo Punch-TinIf I were to offer any criticism at all it would be with regards to packaging. While the label graphics are interesting, I must admit to having a bit of a shock when I opened the tin. It was only half full! What happened?! I’m used to ordering Harney’s 4 oz. tins and they’re always full, but this 4 oz. tin only contains 2 oz. of tea, which is exactly what I ordered and what’s stated on the label. It seems that enough time had elapsed between the time I ordered the tea and the time I actually opened it that I’d forgotten it was less than the usual 4 oz. So, if you order this tea don’t think you’ve been gypped when you find your tin isn’t full. Given how popular this blend appears to be based on the comments on Harney’s website, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t ditch the 2 oz. tin and replace it with a 4 oz. Of course, the most economical thing to do as the consumer would be to buy the one pound bag. That might be just what I do once this tin runs out. I can then refill the tin from the one pound bag and take it downstairs to enjoy while the remainder of the pound bag stays upstairs to enjoy. Once my girls try it though I get the feeling that some of that pound bag will have to go home with them as well. Might ought to just order two one pound bags to be on the safe side.

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Photo Credit: Harney & Sons

Serengetea – A Love Story

As a loving and oh-so-helpful wife, I go the extra mile and buy my own Christmas presents. The really big plus to doing this is that I’m never disappointed in what I get for Christmas . I do this thoughtful act so Rick doesn’t have to trouble himself with going into stores, which he hates, dealing with crowds of people, he’s been known to “mooo” standing in the middle of a crowd, and wondering what on earth to get his wife who has everything she could ever need, and then some. He was at such a loss as to what to get me this year that he actually offered to take me to Replacements after Christmas to buy china. Me!!! The person with enough full sets of china to serve an army, and he’s offering to add to my collection. He said I was to focus on missing pieces or replacing damaged ones, but I knew from the moment he offered that I’d end up bringing home more than either of us bargained for. We didn’t go by the way. I know when to resist temptation.
One of the “gifts” I bought for myself was a tin of Harney & Sons Serengetea tea. I’d not tried this loose leaf blend before and their description sounded interesting enough to make me want to give it a whirl. The story behind the blend is equally intriguing as it’s connected to a show on the Discovery Channel. It’s worth your time to read about the background of this blend on their website. And don’t you just love the graphics on the label?

Since tonight was going to be 55BA59D9-CE78-44FA-8E01-BEA67E2A9247a late tea night, I was very glad that this blend is caffeine-free. To the Rooibos base they’ve added mango flavor, mango pieces, pineapple flavor, and marigold petals. The aroma is enticing, the fruity flavours appealing, and the tea is so smooth it slips right down. Yes, I did add honey to mine. Verdict: I think I’ve found a new nighttime option here.

If you hurry, you can take advantage of their sitewide sale and save 20% on everything. Everything includes teas, brewing tools, and teatime treats. But you do need to hurry. The sale ends tomorrow, January 14. Use code KEEPITHOT20 at checkout. According to my e-mail, they also offer free domestic ground shipping. You can’t beat free shipping. Be sure to sign up for their notifications so you won’t miss any of their new offerings or sales. It’s a great way to beef up your stash and add some variety and spice to your life.

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We all know that stress has an adverse effect on your lives. It can cause any number of ailments ranging from obesity to Alzheimer’s disease which are just two of many other nasty complaints. While it’s normal to be stressed with things over which we have no control, for example the death of a loved one, it’s not good to remain stressed over emotional issues for any length of time.

When stress over which I’ve had no control gets the best of me, I tend to turn to WP-ParisParis tea as a way to relax and regroup. A quilting friend shared Paris with me many years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Paris smells wonderful and it tastes wonderful. In fact, it’s one of Harney & Sons best selling teas. The ingredients include black tea, oolong tea, black currant flavor, vanilla flavor, bergamot oil, caramel flavor. If you like fruity teas then you’ll enjoy Paris, stressed or not.

There is also a decaf version of the original Paris, and I love it too. To say I was thrilled when I discovered this option would be an understatement. There are times when tea drinking has to wait until the evening. Having a decaf version of Paris makes it possible to enjoy this blend without having to worry about staying up all night.

Like saving money? According to an e-mail I received today from Harney & Sons, you can save 20% on herbals and tea accessories between now and January 8. While I’ve not yet tried their Paris Herbal, which is also caffeine free and uses a WP-Mothers BouquetRooibos base, I’m sure it will be just as enjoyable as their regular Paris. Saving 20% on this selection is all the nudge I need to place another order. While you’re at the Harney & Sons website, be sure to add Mother’s Bouquet to your cart. This is another caffeine free blend that I really enjoy. I think it’s the orange fragrance and flavour that make this blend so appealing and relaxing. The loose leaf variety is one of the most colourful mixes I’ve seen. I can’t help but always think what a beautiful quilt one could make with the colours in Mother’s Bouquet.

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Photo Credit: Harney & Sons

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