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Hooray for Hump Day!


Wednesday…traditionally known as Hump Day; when you’ve made it up to the top of the “hump” at the front end of the week and are on the downhill slide for the second half of the week. Our day consisted of a bunch of storms, a whole bunch! They were right on top of us this […]

Tuesday Tidbits


Tuesday is one of those “eh” kind of days. It’s not Monday, where you’re trying to get your engine running and back on track from the weekend. It’s not Wednesday, which is historically known as Hump Day because you’re halfway through the week. It’s not Thursday, the day that gets your heart racing because you’re […]

Organic Orange Green Tea


I’d like to share another green tea with you today. This tea comes from Touch Organic and consists of organic green tea and natural orange flavour. While I enjoy it hot, it can also be made as an iced tea. The non-bleached (light brown) tea bags come individually wrapped which makes this tea a perfect […]

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