A Bit of Luxury

If I were a betting kinda person, I’d bet that everyone likes a bit of luxury. Of Pic-MS Luxury Gold Frtcourse, while luxury is viewed differently by each individual, it usually makes one think of something that’s a cut above the normal – something that isn’t run of the mill – something that makes any given point in time feel more special than usual. With those parameters in mind, I can safely say that Marks & Spencer’s Luxury Gold tea definitely lives up to its name.

Sealed in a gold foil bag, the round teabags contain fairtrade Pic-MS Luxury Gold Pktstea picked from the best tea gardens in the world. According to their box, the tea that is chosen for this blend is vacuum packed on the estate from whence it came in order to preserve its special flavour. Only the top two leaves and a bud are hand picked for this blend at just the right stage of maturity. This makes M&S Luxury Gold like no other tea as it has a “true” tea flavour which is full yet smooth and sweet.

Rather than rehash what I’ve already said about this tea, I took the liberty of copying and pasting my review on teadog from three years ago, almost to the day even. How odd is that?!

Teadog Review:
C. M. Anderson 01/20/2017
Love it!
“I cannot say enough good things about this tea. I tried it with a little honey and no milk and it was great. I added a little milk and it was even better. It’s has a lovely, smooth flavor with no astringency that I could detect, even after leaving the bags in the pot for a while. It gives some of the other gold blends that I have enjoyed a run for their money. I will definitely buy more in the future.”

My opinion of this blend hasn’t changed a bit since then. I still love it and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to experience a great cup of tea. As for buying more in the future, I need to do that as I only have a couple more servings worth of this tea left.

NOTE: There are no affiliate links in this post. All links are given for reference and ease of use only.

Photo Credit: teadog

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