Here We Go Again…

When I decide which tea I’m going to review I look to see if the site from which I ordered it still stocks it. That way it will be easy for you to purchase the tea brand/blend and try it for yourself. The tea I reviewed yesterday, Ringtons Kenyan Gold, wasn’t to be found on the site from which I had purchased it several times. It seems that I’m in the same boat with today’s tea choice, Yata Watte by Dilmah.

I purchased this tea at least twice that I can recall from teadog. It was another of those adventurous days on that first order which means that the description of this tea is what caught my attention and made me decide to give it a try. What was it about the description that was so intriguing? Well, this tea was compared to a Cabernet WP-Yata WatteSauvignon. While I’m not a wine drinker, I have heard that this particular variety of wine is a good choice when you aren’t sure what to get. Seriously, I have no idea or insight into the world of wine, but to have a tea compared to that just sounded like something I needed to try.

Verdict: If Cabernet Sauvignon is as good as this tea then I can understand why folks would indulge. I fell in love with this tea from the first sip. It has everything I like in a tea – rich, full-bodied, robust if you will but not astringent or bitter at any stage. It just wrapped around me as I sat in my comfortable chair, listening to classical music, and enjoying a moment of complete relaxation. It’s another of the teas that I tend to save for Sunday afternoon or maybe a Saturday when I’ve been more productive than usual and need a bit of time to recoup my energy to finish out the day. Of course, I do add honey and a little milk to my cup of tea. I’m beginning to think that’s more out of habit than anything. Since we’ve been trying to switch to a more Ketogenic diet I’ve found that I can use less honey which is a good thing. However, I would never use erythritol (Swerve) or monk fruit in this tea. I think I’d do without all together before altering the flavour of this wonderful tea. Yes, I know honey alters it somewhat, but it alters it in a positive direction. I’ve had enough foods with the all natural sweeteners to know that this tea will only ever have honey added to it as needed.

In addition to the wonderful taste of Yata Watte, Dilmah has nailed it with packaging. The tin has an interesting shape as well as classic graphics. When you open the hinged lid there’s a fitted inner lid that tightly seals in freshness. Even still, I leave my tea in the foil package that it comes in just as added protection since it does get humid here in the south, even in air conditioned spaces.

One interesting thing I discovered on Dilmah’s website was a list of dishes with which to pair Yata Watte. The fact that pasta, cheese cakes, and creamy sauces were three of the four items listed perfectly matches my preferences when it comes to food. If I can have any of those three, and especially if all three are had in the same meal, I’m on cloud nine. Maybe I’m going to have to take my own tea to the Italian restaurant next time and have that with my Fettuccine Alfredo and cheese cake instead of plain water. Think they’d mind?

WP-Ran WatteDilmah has three other varieties of single origin teas in their Watte lineup, but of the other three I’ve only tried the Ran Watte. This tea is compared to fine champagne. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t as impressed with this variety as with the Yata Watte. I did try champagne once and was absolutely unimpressed with it. Might have been the variety of champagne, I don’t know. I just didn’t like it and never drank it again. So, when tea time rolls around the Ran Watte has been passed over for the Yata Watte nine out of ten times. If getting more Yata Watte is going to prove problematic though I guess I’m going to have to go ahead and use the Ran Watte in order to stretch the Yata Watte a bit further.

I know there are a ton of really good teas on the market these days. As I said before, I have a generous tea stash, and I’m always adding to it. But there are just some teas that you find that become favourites over others. When the others run out they aren’t replaced with more of the same but are replaced with something different because they just weren’t enjoyable enough to buy more of the same. However, when a tea becomes a favourite it is always replaced by more of the same when you run out. It might not be one that you drink every day, but knowing it’s there for you when you need it is, in my opinion, just as comforting as the tea itself. Here’s hoping that Dilmah will once again be among the teas that teadog offers in the future. They already have a very good selection, but I was really Dlimah Teapotsurprised when I discovered that Dilmah was no longer among the tea brands that they offer. I even won a little Dilmah teapot several years ago that I use almost every time I make tea for myself. I love that little teapot. Crossing my fingers now that replacing my Yata Watte when I run out will be possible in the near future.

NOTE: There are no affiliate links in this post. Links are given for reference and ease of use only.

Photo Credit: Dilmah

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