Winter Tea

I reviewed a tea from Basilur on the 15th and mentioned that I did have other selections from this vendor to try and to review for you. One of my most recent purchases was a box of individually sealed teabags with the moniker Four Seasons on the box. Since I like to listen to the Four Seasons by Vivaldi I couldn’t pass up this box now could I? Absolutely not. It was a sign that this box of tea needed to come live at my house. While I would have loved for it to be in one of their lovely decorative tins it was, alas, in a box, nicely designed mind you, but still just a box.
Since it is winter the first tea I chose to try was the Winter tea blend. I wasn’t too sure to begin with whether or not I wanted to try this selection since the packet that contained the teabag was silver. I was afraid that meant that this was a white tea, and I’m not too good with white teas. I don’t have a tea kettle that allows for specific temperatures and white teas need cooler water than black teas. In other words, it’s a guessing game for me as to whether or not I have the right temperature of water for white tea. After reading the description on the box though I was relieved that it was indeed a black Ceylon tea that I was dealing with, so I went ahead and took it with me to the beach.

In addition to Pure Ceylon black tea, Basilur has added cranberry flavour to this blend. Once steeped it has a slightly fruity aroma. I tasted the tea before adding a sweetener and decided it definitely needed the extra punch of honey to make it an enjoyable cup of tea. The flavour wasn’t what I was expecting, which was a more tart taste because of the cranberries. Instead, it had a very mild cranberry flavour, not tart at all. At first, I thought it was a bit lack luster, but once I’d finished that first cup I decided it was a very mild and relaxing cup of tea. It’s definitely not a zinger, but it’s not a dud either. It’s a tea that I’d drink after a long day when I wanted to be comforted rather than energized. Did I like it enough that I would buy it again in the event that I ran across the blend in the lovely tin shown on their website? Absolutely!

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