Green Tea Blueberry

Yesterday, Rick and I went to Emil’s up in Tullahoma for lunch. If you live closeby and haven’t been there yet, you need to go. They have a buffet on Friday from 11-2 with the best chicken salad as well as awesome fried chicken and gravy. And the apple pie? It’s to die for!

After we left there, full as a tick, we went over a street to Celtic Cup. It was a rainy, gray day and I wanted some hot chocolate. This is another locally owned shop you need to check into if you live in the area or find yourself visiting us one of these days. While there I purchased a blueberry scone to have for breakfast the next morning, i.e. today, before the shop opened. Of course, if you’re going to have a blueberry scone then you need blueberry tea, and I just happened to have such a tea on hand. The tea I chose comes from Tea of Life and is a green tea. I purchased this tea from Tuesday Morning down in Huntsville. It contains green tea with blueberry pieces and blueberry flavour, and as an accompaniment to a blueberry scone it’s perfect.
The oval tin contains 50 teabags divided into two foil packets of 25 bags each. The blueberry fragrance is noticeable when you open the lid and even moreso when you open one of the packets of tea. Since it’s a green tea the steeping time is less and the water doesn’t have to get as hot as it would need to be for a black tea. That means you get to start enjoying your tea just a little sooner, always a plus. This particular blend has a lovely aroma and taste once steeped. While you can taste the blueberry it isn’t tart like some berry teas can be. Of course, I added a bit of honey to my cup and greatly enjoyed both the scone and the tea before greeting my customers for the day.

Since it is National Hot Tea Month, those who came to the shop today were able to select an individually wrapped tea. It was a very windy and pretty chilly day, just right for a good hot cup of tea. What more can you ask for? Tea and fabric…ahhh…

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