The Brand that Changed Everything

As mentioned in a previous post, PG Tips was gifted to me from a friend of a friend who was visiting from England. Before this, I refused to the drink tea that we purchased from our local grocery store because its taste was awful. When the visitor handed me a box of PG Tips I knew I’d have to make some for her and our friend, and that I would also have to drink it. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled. Imagine my surprise, and great relief, when I tasted and actually liked this new tea. The difference between the PG Tips brand and that in our local store was like night and day. That gift changed my perception of tea forever.

Knowing that the box of tea wouldn’t last forever, I went on the hunt for a place to purchase PG Tips online. The online store that came up was I was thrilled to say the least to know that once I ran out of my original box of PG Tips I’d be able to buy more online.

Pic-PGTips Xtra StrongThen teadog added PG Tips Extra Strong to their offerings. Because our youngest had started college and was “meetin’ herself a comin’ and a goin’” I figured that an extra strong version of her favourite tea was needed. The extra kick from this tea has gotten both of us through some long days. My one concern was that the stronger flavour would be bitter. Thankfully, it’s just as good as the regular variety and has no bitterness at all. The addition of milk and honey make this selection smooth and rich. Love it!

If you’re looking for a stronger tea to get you through the day, than look no further. PG Tips Extra Strong will do the trick.

NOTE: There are no affiliate links in this post. Links are included for reference and ease of use.

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