Hooray for Hump Day!

CA-UmrlaBtsWednesday…traditionally known as Hump Day; when you’ve made it up to the top of the “hump” at the front end of the week and are on the downhill slide for the second half of the week. Our day consisted of a bunch of storms, a whole bunch! They were right on top of us this time too. The lightening would flash and the thunder would roll immediately, if not sooner. The thunder was so strong that the windows on the house rattled. The right half of our driveway washed down the hill, and I bet the Elk River floods tonight. Given that I detest rain, I must say that were it not for those who visited today I’d be depressed right now. But visiting friends are always welcome and have a way of cheering one up even when the weather doesn’t warrant being cheery.

I know it’s been forever and a day since I last posted some verbage. While it’s not been super busy in the shop visitor wise we’ve still been busy doing “stuff” of all kinds. Miss Kathy has been working away on samples and kits for the Thimbleberries Club as well as a new 2-1/2” strip quilt that you’ll want to come see in a week or two. Miss Martha has been doing her M&M Club samples and kits as well as a few extra projects and is looking for the next set of club projects to begin come December. I’ve got a couple ideas waiting for her to look over when she gets here tomorrow. If she’s not immediately impressed with either, we’ll look for something else. There are tons and tons of new patterns out there from which to choose so don’t worry. We’ll find something.

I’ve been working on several projects of my own and have been looking for some new monthly ideas as well. They range from fairly small in scale to fairly large. I hate to keep you in suspense, but I don’t want to tell too much just yet in the event that I’m not able to pull everything off as planned. As soon as I have everything mapped out you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, did you know that this coming Friday, the 9th, is BookCA-Books Lover’s Day? Well, it is. I love books!!! I’ve determined, based on comments I’ve heard, that many of us who are older prefer having an actual book to hold rather than reading on a computer screen. Not only do I love reading an honest to goodness old-fashioned-printed-on-paper book, but I prefer them in hardback versions. Alas, the majority of quilting books are not printed in hardback. I’ve learned to live with it though and have amassed a rather impressive collection of books over the past nine years since I bought the shop. Many of the titles on my shelves are out of print making them even more precious to me. Of course, I have my favorites, but my favorite tends to be the one I happen to be looking at at any given point in time. You might say I’m a bit fickle in this area.

CADollarSignTo celebrate Book Lover’s Day we’re going to have a book sale. I mean, how else would you celebrate such a day?! On Friday the 9th you will save 50% off of a second book when you purchase the first one at regular price. According to a visitor this past Friday we have a great selection of books from which to choose. I told her that I wanted to do everything in every book, almost, and I wasn’t exaggerating a bit when I said that because I do. Looking through the books when they come in is both wonderful and awful. Wonderful, because I get such a rush of inspiration. Awful, because I know I don’t have time to start, much less finish, even one project in that new book as long as I own this shop. Yes, it’s a dilemma, but can you think of a better one to have, aside from maybe having to figure out which of the new fabrics you can’t live without. Can you imagine a better life than being a quilter or fabriholic?

I bet if you look around you’ll find lots of places and lots of ways to celebrate Book Lover’s Day. Be sure to visit Moda’s blog, The Cutting Table, on Friday because it sounds like they’ve got something special cooked up for us.

Speaking of something special, why don’t you leave a comment here telling me what kind of quilting books you like best, i.e. scrap, appliqué, mixed media, and I’ll draw a name Friday evening, say around 9:00 p.m. CST and give away a book. That’s another great way to celebrate Book Lover’s Day I think. Based on your comment, I’ll try to tailor the book to your preference. If you happen to already have the one I pick for you thenCA-Bkworm I’ll pick something else. Remember, I have a lot of books here so I’m sure I have at least one or two that you don’t. So, how many books does one person need? Just one more than what is already on hand, or in the bookcase rather.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa Labella
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 21:55:52

    I love books too, though I have “gone to the dark side” with an e-reader. I like having my whole library in there. For quilting I am loving appliqué stuff right now and getting intrigued by the mixed media type of coloring the quilt after its quilted.


  2. Betty Domal
    Aug 08, 2013 @ 07:57:06

    I like doing applique quilts – especially for babies and children.


  3. Ronda Asta
    Aug 10, 2013 @ 05:59:19

    I just love the scrappy books or art quilt books.


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