In My Next Life…

I want to be a cat! I mean, look at these two. Can you imagine being any more relaxed and peaceful than they are? I can imagine it all right, but as a human I can’t begin to be it because of all the responsibilities that we humans have placed upon ourselves.
Zeus and Nike
When I realized that Zeus (top shelf) and his sister Nike were crashed out on the porch, I snuck over to take a photo to send to Victoria who is at music camp this week. I was afraid that they’d hear me walking across the porch and move, but they didn’t. I was sure they’d move after the first click of the camera, but they didn’t. Since they didn’t move after the sixth click either, I knew they were conked out for good for a while. The only thing that would have made this serene scene even better would have been if their little brother, Sylvester, had been on the bottom shelf. We’ve not seen Sylvester for a couple of days so I’m beginning to get worried. Cross your fingers and pray real hard that he’s just been out and about and will return this weekend.

Victoria & Sylvester

Victoria & Sylvester

Victoria loves her cats, and most of our visitors love them too. These two, as well as Sylvester, were born and raised on the front porch. Their mother, Belle, had them there and we put them in a box just to the right of where you see them now, and that’s where they stayed. They tend to be on the porch most of the time unless we let Belle out. When she’s out she rules the porch and makes sure that her children know it’s her domain. You’d think she’d be nicer to them since they are hers, but she hisses and swats at them just like they were strangers.

It’s always heart warming to see them curled up on one of the porch chairs asleep. They’re just one big pile of black and white. It’s sometimes hard to tell where one cat starts and another ends. If they are awake they’ll roll over so you can scratch their

Rub my tummy please!

Rub my tummy please!

bellies, just like an old dog would do. Zeus is well known for rolling over right in front on a visitor who’s trying to leave so that he can get his belly rubbed. These cats are so spoiled that they will even line up as you’re coming up the walk spacing themselves evenly up the walk and flipping over as you come up to them so you can rub their belly; which we and almost everyone else does. Yes, they have us all very well trained.

So, now you can understand why being a cat looks pretty good to me. I’m just in the mood to be shed of some responsibility…for a while at least.

If you’re a cat lover like so many quilters are, you’ll want to check out Feline Friday at Sara Did It where cats rule today.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missy
    Jun 07, 2013 @ 18:55:52

    They are so cute! I love black and white cats, my oldest is black and white, 17 yrs, and I just got a black and white kitten.


  2. Pauleta Clawson
    Jun 07, 2013 @ 22:11:52

    Just had to laugh!!  My Dad always said if there was such a thing as reincarnation, he wanted to come back as one of my cats!! We have had several but the 3 Siamese lived the longest:  14 yrs, 19 yrs. 10 yrs and still counting. Probably will outlive me. We also had one, a little white one named ‘Little Bit’ because she never weighed more than 5 lbs. She lived to be 8. Go on, enjoy those cats.  Pauleta


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