Happy New Year!

The New Year has arrived! For us it arrived quietly – no bells, no whistles. Yep, we were asleep when the clock struck twelve. Victoria stayed up though. Ahhhh, youth…

The New Year finds us with internet service again after being down since the 17th, the guy who came out to fix it didn’t fix it correctly. I can now get to the internet and can receive e-mails, but for some reason I can’t send e-mails. I’m hoping that I can get that problem resolved tomorrow. Speaking of resolutions, have you made any? I’m toying with the idea of resolving to lose weight because I need to in a bad sort of way, but I know me well enough to know that saying I’m going to do it and doing it are two totally different things. However, the day after Christmas we had occasion to do a lot of walking and stair climbing. It was obvious that I was very much out of shape based on how very much out of breath I was most of the time. Any ideas on what kind of diet or program might work for me? Feel free to tell me what’s worked for you. We have a 25th anniversary coming up in June and Rick wants to go to the Caribbean. He’s lost weight, but I’ve not. I need to get with the program before the date gets any closer.

How have you spent your first day of the New Year? I’ve spent most of mine working on our guild’s newsletter. Somehow, I got roped into being the secretary for the coming year which means I have to do the newsletter every month. It should be interesting to see what the membership thinks of this first one given that it’s ten pages long. They tend to like it short and sweet, but I’m not a short and sweet kind of person sooo…I might just get fired before I get started. Then again, finding officers isn’t always easy so they might decide to grin and bear me for the next 12 months.

About the only other thing I did, besides take a nap, was follow the New Year Mystery Quilt at Quilting Tizzy. I didn’t get to do any of the steps as they were revealed, but I’ve saved all the clues so that I can give it a try later on. It looks like it will be a really neat quilt once it’s done. Visit Sheryl’s blog and try her mystery for yourself. She gave some pre-cutting instructions on December 18 so you might want to back up and start there. Be sure to send her photos of what you get done.

Let the New Year begin!

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