Touring Time!

Today I ran across a blog tour being hosted by Quiltmaker magazine to showcase their latest edition (Volume 6) of their popular 100 Blocks magazine. We received our copies either Friday or Saturday. I’m not sure which since I found the already opened box yesterday. My guess is that Miss Martha opened it one of those two days and since it didn’t really interest her she forgot to tell me they were here. No harm done though. I took a copy upstairs yesterday and still haven’t gotten a chance to look through it yet.

That’s why I was so glad to run across the blog tour of designers whose blocks were in the magazine. Now I’ve not only looked at several of the blocks through their blogs and personal insights, but I’ve also found some new blogs to follow. Plus, each designer has a copy of the new magazine to give away just for reading their post and leaving a comment. At least one of the designers whose site I’ve visited has even more that she’s giving away, but I won’t tell you who it is. You need to go touring around all the blogs and see if you can find her yourself. The tour started yesterday so we’re a little bit behind. If you start now you can catch up though. It ends on Friday so if you like winning free things you need to get a move on.

A bit of advice if I may, be sure to bookmark or sign up for future blog posts when you find a designer you like. I didn’t do that on a past blog hop and have regretted it ever since. One designer had a cute little spider mug rug and I haven’t been able to find it again. Bummer!

On my list of things to do for tonight is sitting down with a copy of this new magazine and looking at each and every block carefully and thoroughly. I know I will find some great blocks that will run the gambit from paper-piecing to applique, scrappy to controlled. The hardest thing will be deciding which ones to tackle first. Oh yes, I almost forgot…there are contest details on the very last page of the magazine. There are ten chances to win ten of the actual blocks made by the designers showcased in this issue. How are you at haiku?

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