Shop Hop – Day 6!

Only two more days to hop from shop to shop and save! What are you waiting for?! There’s no time like the present, and if you put it off too much longer you’ll miss out on the savings, the freebies, and the door prizes! I know you don’t want to do that. I’m absolutely sure you don’t want to miss out on anything at all.

Speaking of door prizes…I forgot to post who our winner was yesterday, but I’ll catch you up right now with both yesterday’s winner and today’s winner. Believe it or not, they are both long time members of our Thimbleberries Club. Yep, I drew a clubber yesterday and yet another clubber from the basket today for a total of three winning club members. What are the odds of that happening?! Wouldn’t it be something if the next two names drawn are also clubbers? I’d have to put that in a record book somewhere I think.

Before you shake your head in disbelief, nope, I’m not cheating. I count to 60 while swishing the little papers around and around in our basket and whichever piece of paper my hand hits when I reach 60 is the one I pull out. Absolutely no peeking or anything like that. I guess it just pays to be in our Thimbleberries Club in more ways than one.

OK…the winner for Wednesday was Marilyn Haendel, who lives just down the road, and the winner for today is Deb Saska who visited from Alabama. Getting Miss Marilyn’s surprise to her won’t be hard at all, but I’ll have to mail Deb’s surprise as she doesn’t get to visit very often unfortunately. Congratulations ladies!

We’ve enjoyed the shop hop on this end because we get to see folks that haven’t visited in a while. It’s always fun as well to have folks who’ve never been here before drop by without even knowing about the hop. Can you think of a better bonus than finding yet another quilt shop in your travels that…SURPRISE! is having a sale and giving away prizes? I bet it’s like hitting a double jackpot on the Wheel of Fortune. Not only do our visitors go away with great fabric, book, and pattern finds, but they go away with a little gift and the opportunity to win something else. I’d say that puts the icing on the vacation for a quilty person…wouldn’t you?

Have you had a chance yet to check out the new AQS mystery BOM I mentioned in the previous blog? Well don’t forget to do that, and while you’re at it here’s another freebie for you. I ran across this one while looking for something else (happens all the time to you too I bet). We don’t do Halloween, but we do do pumpkins and cats so this BOM still works for me. Go to Peck’s Pieces and scroll all the way down to June 30 to get to the beginning of the BOM. Of course, in the scrolling process you’re going to run into some other patterns that I bet you just might want to save. I did! There’s a cute Pound Puppy style pincushion on August 31 and a pirate hat pincushion that was posted for International Talk Like a Pirate Day which was yesterday. Did you know that? I knew it was coming up but missed it myself. Alex Anderson didn’t miss it though. She likes talking like a pirate. You can watch her and The Quilt Show crew do just that. Go to the Daily Blog and scroll down until you find yesterday’s date. After you watch the crew keep scrolling or you’ll miss the lesson on how to talk like a pirate from Ol’ Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy. It’s a hoot!

If you’re not a member of The Quilt Show you need to be. It’s well worth the cost, which is minimal considering all you get out of it. You can’t believe all that you’ll learn from this one website. Yes, you can get brain overload if you’re not careful. Plus, there’s always a great BOM for members which would cost much more by itself than what you’ll pay for the membership. Who knows, you just might meet someone, or lots of someones, on the site who becomes near and dear to you. Now that’s priceless!


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