Time to Start Hoppin’!

Have you started hopping yet?! We had several hoppers yesterday, some from Nashville who didn’t know about the hop, but they do now, and even more hoppers today. Oh my aching back…knees…feet…why don’t I just say BODY?! But it’s aching for a good reason so I’m not complaining at all.

I must apologize to those I told I would share in the blog yesterday who our door prize winner was for Friday because I didn’t do that…obviously. I ended up driving to Huntsville yesterday afternoon and upon our return I got into pulling fabric for some kits that had to get made. When 9:30 p.m. rolled around I headed upstairs to put my feet up, yes, they were aching then too, and didn’t once think about the blog or the need to be informative. So, tonight I will correct that omission and tell you whose name was drawn for yesterday as well as whose name was drawn for today. Keep in mind that the earlier in the hop you visit the more opportunities you have to win because your name stays in our basket until the hop is over. That means if you came yesterday you still have six more opportunities to win!

Winner for Friday, September 14 – Carol Bobo
Winner for Saturday, September 15 – Becke Siejack

Congratulations ladies! If you haven’t been able to get out and hop around yet you still have all of next week including Saturday. If you need a reminder as to how our hop is going to work just click on the newsletter tab at the top of the page and you can read all about it. Of course questions always arise so feel free to contact us if you’re unsure about anything.

Speaking of questions…a couple of questions have been asked that I’ll answer here so you’ll be in the know from this point forward.

Question #1 – What’s the point of a Shop Hop when there’s no special pattern to pick up at each shop?

Answer: The point is to have fun hopping around with like-minded fabric lovers as well as save some of your hard earned cash in the process. No, we don’t have a special block to be collected from each shop, but that’s really a good thing because if you’re unable to make it to each shop for whatever reason you won’t be missing a valuable block pattern whose absence would ruin the end result of the fabulous quilt you could have made otherwise.

Question #2 – Why is there no great big grand prize like a sewing machine or some such?

Answer: In order to offer such a prize the participating shops would have had to pony up a good chunk of change in order to buy a machine or other spectacular item. Given the current economics we didn’t want to put the shops in a position of not being able to participate because the extra funds weren’t available. Besides, having the opportunity to win something at each shop you visit makes your chances of winning something greater than just the one chance to win a machine. Besides, how many machines does one person need anyhow?

Question #3 – Why were some shops in the area left out of the hop?

Answer: When we put together a list of local shops we tried to include all of whom we had knowledge. Some shops had already planned on being vendors at the Athens guild quilt show (which you can still catch tomorrow) and didn’t feel they could do that and cover their shop during the hop too. Others never got back to us with a reply and we had a deadline of April 1 for getting the information to The Quilt Shop Navigator for publication in their book and online. No, we didn’t leave anyone out with malicious intent. Maybe if there’s a shop hop next year a shop not included this year will be able to participate while some of the shops this year will not. Only time will tell…

Please feel free to submit any other questions to us via e-mail. We will try to answer each and every one in a timely and thorough manner.

I think that will be all for tonight. I’m ready to go put my feet up again and watch a couple of episodes of Last of the Summer Wine. Love the scenery as well as the quirky characters. Makes me want to go sit on the side of a hill, soak up the view, and have a snooze with them sometimes. Problem is, I’d have to walk to get up that hill, and I’ve already got tired achy feet. Thank heavens I have a good imagination and can envision myself being there from the comfort of my favorite armchair.


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