Another Year Older!

Well, my sweet 16 year old turned 17 today. Sweet 17 and never been kissed doesn’t sound right, but I’ll take it. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a very good day I’m afraid. Her day started out just fine after having spent the night with a friend who gave her a great orange Tennessee hoodie and a John Deere hat.

She came home in order to go to the vets and pick up Nike, Belle’s daughter from her first litter, who had been there since Monday morning with a messed up paw. She’d already picked up Annie, Belle’s sister, on Thursday. Annie had to have a toe on her right front paw amputated. The vet thought it had gotten infected from a scratch, but now we’re not so sure.

Anyhow, when Victoria got home to get her money to pay the vet for Nike she noticed that Belle was limping. When she checked on her she found that her leg was messed up too so off to the vets Belle went. Nike came home with a splint on her leg in hopes that she’ll start working it properly, but there’s a good chance that her leg will have to be amputated if she doesn’t start using it correctly. Nike is an outside cat so being minus a leg isn’t good. She’s currently hold up in Victoria’s room. While Victoria has wanted an indoor cat for quite a while now, she didn’t exactly want to get one with such a major boo-boo to deal with.

What about Belle? She’s still at the vets and will most likely have to have her leg amputated. If that doesn’t help her she’ll have to be put to sleep. Yes, Victoria came back from the vets very upset and in tears. She loves all her cats, and Belle is special because she’s so sweet and has been such a wonderful mother cat. Her second litter of kittens will be nine weeks old tomorrow so they don’t really need Belle any longer for nursing purposes. It’s just so sad for any poor creature to be injured unnecessarily. After having a third cat with an injured leg brought in within one week, the vet seems to think that all three of Victoria’s cats got their legs caught in animal traps. Annie was fortunate to only lose a toe. Nike and Belle…not so fortunate.

Hopefully, none of her other cats, and especially not the kittens, get caught in those traps. We still have Belle’s two older boys, Nike’s brothers, to worry about as well as another momma cat who adopted us and has four kittens. She really needs a good home as do two or three of her kittens. Then there’s Bob, the Manx/Siamese tomcat that also adopted us. He’s gorgeous, not overly friendly, but most gorgeous.

Tomorrow, Victoria will be playing at Bridge Street from 4:00 to 6:00 outside of Cantina Laredo. She’s hoping to do well where tips are concerned because paying for all these unexpected medical procedures isn’t cheap. She’d been saving up to get the 15 felines that reside here either spayed or neutered, but she’s spent most of that on Annie and Nike now. I told her, children can be soooo expensive. Maybe she’ll learn a valuable lesson and something good will come out of this after all. I just hate that she had to deal with all this on her birthday. She wasn’t overly thrilled about turning 17 to begin with. She said if the rest of the year is going to be like today she’ll go back to being 16. She liked being 16. She liked being 16 a lot.

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  1. Denise :)
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 07:22:37

    She’s such a sweet girl. I’m so sorry you’re having so much trouble with all your pussycats. Where would a trap be that they’d be getting caught in it?!?! I hope Victoria’s day at Bridge Street goes remarkably well!! Happy birthday hugs to her! 🙂


  2. Sandy Forrester
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 08:22:37

    I’m also very upset to hear about the traps. How inhumane and illegal! This has got to be in violation of wildlife conservation laws. I would recommend talking with the Game Warden about this. Not only are your cats in danger, but so are any other poor pets that stray into the horrible person’s yard! One question I do have for ya’ll – is there a reason you don’t have your cats spayed or neutered? Blessings to ya’ll. – Sandy


  3. Ginger Almy
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 21:48:16

    Just saw this and was devastated with the news. We visited when Belle’s 2nd litter was a week old and she is the best mother cat I’ve ever seen. The traps are for coyotes most likely. It’s probably not illegal where you live. I’ll continue reading your blog to catch up.


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