Shop Hop – Day 5!

More new faces hopped through our door today…YEAH!!! Since we had several hoppers Miss Martha was finally able to figure out how to work the tulip punch that we’ve been using on the flyers. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks. She’s so happy to have new folks to entertain. I’m not sure what we’ll do with her once the hop is over and we have fewer visitors again. You’ll have to come visit just so she’ll have someone to entertain besides me. It very hard for me to get my work done when she has no one but me to entertain.

Our prize for today is a great pattern by Joen Wolfrom called Stepping Out. It’s created with only two simple blocks, but the colors chosen and their placement will turn this project into one fabulous quilt. Two size options are included for this pattern which is rated as one for a confident beginner. Who’s the lucky winner? It’s Lyn Randolph! Way to go Lyn!!!

We have had an interesting sight pop up in the front meadow. I have to wonder if there’s any connection to our Flower Fairies fabric by Michael Miller. You see, what started out as one fairly large cream-colored mushroom has turned into a whole community of mushrooms. In other words, we have a fairy ring in our yard!

I finally decided to take some photos of our ring to share with you. I didn’t step inside the ring though because to do so is said to be bad luck. After all the extra work that’s had to be done to the back room, and now on the roof over said room, I certainly do not need any more bad luck thank you. I wonder if the ring will close up or if the “entrance” into the ring will stay open thereby enticing unknowledgable folks into its midst.

I did a little reading up this evening on fairy rings because it has been a while since I first learned about them. The folklore associated with them is fascinating to say the least. I had always thought that the mushrooms were where the wee folk took cover from the elements, but according to what I read the ring is really more their dancing ground where they dance, and dance, and dance. If you are foolish enough to enter into their domain you too may dance and dance until you dance yourself to death or go mad. On second thought, I don’t think our flower fairies are anything like the fairies and sprites that would lure humans into their ring and to their death. Our flower fairies are far too sweet for that kind of behaviour.

Anhyhow, since I thought the mushrooms were used as houses, I thought this grouping must be the fairy equivalent of condos. These four large mushrooms were clustered together just like our modern condos. Or, it might be one large fairy family who likes to live close by each other. Or, it might be were the queen of the fairies lives and should be looked upon as a castle rather than as condos.

Even fairies aren’t exempt from bad luck it seems. One poor fairy who comes home tonight will find his house toppled over. There must have been a mini-tornado go through the ring that pulled up this one house. It was a nice sized house too so it definitely had some power behind it. Hopefully, one of the neighbors will take this homeless fairy in tonight, especially now that it’s getting cooler in the evenings. I wonder if faires quilt…

If you’d like to learn more about fairy rings start with Wikipedia and branch out fro there. You’ll find information on the various types of mushrooms that can be found in rings as well as references to literature and artwork. Oh how the imagination of a creative mind can soar when sprinkeld with a bit of fairy dust.

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