Shop Hop – Day 3!

Are we having fun yet?! I think so, at least those who stopped by today seemed to be having lots of fun. Some were on their way to a retreat in Scottsboro, some came back for a second visit, and some brought a friend who was a quilter but who didn’t quilt themselves. Some came looking for specific items or fabrics while others just came for the fun of getting out and about. Regardless of their reasons we enjoyed visiting with each and every one of them. Will we see you here tomorrrow? I sure hope so.

Oh yes, I bet you want to know who won the prize for today. The winner of a great book by Debbie Mumm entitled Memories & Milestones is Judy Levy. This book contains 20 projects that cover everything from dorm life to engagements to newborns to retirement. There are quilts, wallhangings, pillows, a laundry bag, handmade cards, a beaded planter, and so much more. You’ll never again have to wonder what to make in order to mark a meaningful event in your life or that of someone special. Congratulations Judy!

We’ve had lots of questions about what’s going on in the back room. Well, we had a leak in the ceiling that ran alomst the whole width of the room, went down the wall just outside the bathroom, and buckled the floor below badly. As is almost always true when one embarks on repairs, there ended up being more to be done than just a little paint and re-muddin’ of sheetrock. More ceiling had to be torn out because of mold issues and flooring had to be taked up because of a bad dip in the floor. Once the flooring came off evidence of termite damage was found as well as a cracked floor joist that had to be dealt with. We had the bug man come out and spray for termites while the floor was open, and although we thought the damage was old, active termites were found when some baseboards were pulled off. Eeekkk!!!

After explaining about the repairs, and that you can’t go to the bathroom because the workers have taped plastic over the door frame to keep as much dust out as possible, the next question asked is what our intentions are once the room has been redone. Victoria wants us to turn the room back into a den for our family to use when we have our popcorn night. That’s the night when one of us gets to pick the movie and we have popcorn and chocolate. I guess the floor in our bedroom isn’t as soft as she’d like it to be. I on the other hand am hoping to turn it into a classroom space and quilt gallery. We’ve not really had a nice space for classes since moving here four years ago. I’ve not pushed getting classroom space because when we had it in the shops on the square and offered classes those classes oftentimes didn’t make. When we couldn’t get four people to do a class we finally decided that there just wasn’t enough interest in classes to go to the trouble of setting them up, on our part as well as on the teacher’s part.

If we do manage to turn that back room into classroom space, what kind of classes would you be interested in? Finding something new and unusual isn’t always easy because we seem to have a very well traveled and well taught group of quilters in this area. We’ll more than likely have a class for brand new quilters of course, but we need to find something to offer those who are more seasoned as well as those who are adventuresome. Is there something you’re been wanting to try? Feel free to offer suggestions. We’re always listening…


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