You’ve Got Us Hoppin’!

The first day of our first ever shop hop had Miss Martha and me hoppin’! But, she didn’t think we hopped enough so you’re going to have to come visit and really put her through her paces. I thought we did pretty good for a weekday but not her. She’s been so excited about the hop that I guess she just expected everyone to be beating down the doors when she got here. I was thrilled though because we saw several new faces and some that we’d not seen in way too long. I can’t wait to see who all shows up tomorrow!

If you get our e-mails you’ll recall that I said we’d draw for a prize every day. After the shop closed I stirred up the names, closed my eyes, and drew out Joyce Kilgore’s name. Miss Joyce is from Jasper, AL and it’s been forever and a day since I’ve seen her. We had a lot of catching up to do to say the least. Her prize is the book Happy Days Quilts by Tammy Tadd. The patterns inside are especially great for children’s quilts but they’re not overly juvenile designs so they’d also be good for older folks like us when done in more subdued colors. The cover quilt is probably my favorite one in the book because I’m a beach bum at heart. But I could see Kick the Can becoming a favorite with little or no trouble because it’s easy and allows you to use all those adorable novelty prints you couldn’t live without but aren’t sure just how to use. It’s a great book and I’m sure Miss Joyce is going to get a lot of mileage from it.

I love Tammy Tadd’s designs but learned not too long ago that she had closed her retail store this past July. If I understood the information that I read correctly she has also ceased designing. This is a great loss to the quilting world. I’m hoping that she will eventually change her mind, it is a woman’s perogative after all, and pick up where she left off. Until then, we’ll just have to enjoy the designs she did do, there are lots of them, and keep our fingers crossed.

What else did I do after the shop closed? Well, we have another new batch of kittens from a stray momma cat who doesn’t seem to be as good at mothering as Belle is. The stray cat had seven kittens and has lost three of them so far. Victoria stepped in and was going to bottle feed the four that remained, but they weren’t too thrilled with that. She had a wedding to play for this evening so guess who was supposed to try and feed those kittens. Yep, I was elected to do the job. Imagine that… I couldn’t get the kittens to eat either so I just took the carrier that they were in back downstairs and set it on the porch. The stray momma was hanging around the porch so once I showed her that her kittens were in there she got in and eventually did what momma cats are supposed to do. I sat there watching her for a good 45 minutes just to make sure that she let them nurse and cleaned them too. We’ll keep an eye on them and hope that she doesn’t move them somewhere where we can’t find them. That’s what happened to the last litter because she wasn’t as tame then as she is now, and even now she can be pretty skittish. If you’d like to have a nice female cat please let us know. We really can’t keep her nor can we afford to have her and all the other cats around here fixed. Victoria doesn’t want to take her to the animal shelter because she just sure they’ll kill her. Help!

After I was sure the kittens would be all right I did a little work in the shop getting ready for tomorrow and then went upstairs to make myself a cup of tea. It was so nice to sit down with a hot cup of my favorite Holiday Tea from Harney & Sons as well as my favorite cookies that Rick picked up for me

Bachelor Buttons

when he was in Kingsport last weekend. I’ve eaten these cookies for at least 30 years (can’t you tell) and just love them. The only place I’ve ever found them is at Food City in Kingsport, TN. For a while they stopped making them and I was not a happy camper. So now I have the phone number for the store in my phone and any time we’re going home I call ahead and order several dozen. They’re kind of like a shortbread cookie but the little dollup of icing on top gives them just enough sweetness to make them habit forming.

Before I sign off I wanted to share some photos of Belle’s kittens. They’ll be four weeks old on Sunday and are the cutest things. They’re fat, furry, and starting to play with each other. You just want to pick them up and cuddle them all day long. I took these photos just as they were waking up and tried to get them while they were stretching and yawning. I swear, they look just like human babies sometimes. There are two gray ones and they have the cutest faces ever. They are spoken for though and will have a new home as soon as they’re old enough. The black and white one has a white tip on its tail so it has been named Sylvester. I don’t know what Victoria is going to do if he turns out to be a she. At present she’s convinced her dad to let her keep him (?) since Looney Tunes is one of Rick’s favorite shows. The one you can’t see very well is the black one that was born last. It is solid black and so far the only white I’ve found on it is a litte triangular patch between its hind legs. It looks like it has a diaper on…seriously!

We can’t leave the proud momma cat out so here’s a current photo of her. If there were awards for best momma cats she would definitely win one. She seemed even willing to take a kitten from the other litter but it was too weak to nurse and didn’t make it through the night. I think Belle could turn into a nursing cat if we could figure out how to keep her milk flowing without having her birth more kittens. Rick has put his foot down and there will be no more kittens…at least not any time soon.

Then there’s the big sister, Nike, who is sometimes just a bit too curious about what’s going on in the box. She perched herself on the side of the box the other day and was reaching her paw in batting at one of the little fuzzy things that moved inside. I was waiting for Belle to jump on her but she didn’t. I guess she was being tolerant of her older kitten who wanted to see what all the fuss was about inside that box.

This post didn’t have too much about quilting in it did it. That’s OK. Sometimes you just have to talk about other important things. This was one of those times.

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