7th Anniversary Celebration!

Believe it or not, seven years ago today we signed the papers to buy Hooked on Quilting. Where those seven years have gone I haven’t a clue. There are still projects waiting to be done from seven years ago trying to beat out newer projects that we just have to do. Will they ever get done? Time will tell…

To celebrate our ability to keep the doors open for seven years and to thank you for helping us do so, we are having a sale. YEAH!!! The sale will begin today and run through June 25. You can save 25% on fabrics, half yard minimum, with the usual exclusions (listed on “About” page). No other discounts will apply.

Then there’s our coupon sheet that will give you savings on other items in the store. Each coupon has dates for which it is valid so you will need to pay attention to those dates. The coupon(s) will only be redeemable on the dates noted. Some of the coupons have been duplicated so if you can’t make it one week you can come the next. Plus, you can use multiple coupons on the same visit, and you can come an unlimited number of times during the sale period and enjoy the savings each time. Just print out the coupon sheet and put it in your purse so you’ll be sure to have it when you visit. HOQ-7th Anniv Coupon Sht

We will not be honoring your guild card this go around, but we will be giving out the free monthly charms to those who buy $50 or more after discount and before tax. The charms for June are a purple spool of thread and a Dresden Plate.

While we’re on the subject of our anniversary, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement through these often difficult years. We have been in three different locations in seven years and have experienced so many ups and downs that I’ve often felt like I was on a roller coaster, a very bumpy one at that. I loved those carnival favorites when I was a kid, but as a shop owner I would just as soon be on a much less bumpy ride whenever possible.

Between folks thinking we’d gone out of business after the first move because they didn’t bother to call our number to find out that we’d only moved to the other end of the block, and gas going over $4 a gallon during the summer when we had temps over 100 for what seemed like forever, we’ve wondered numerous times if we would be able to hold on until that magic fifth year anniversary because so many new business do not. Now we’ve made it to number seven which is another milestone in the business world. Whether or not we’ll be able to go any further depends on the economy and our patrons. So many quilters have a stash to rival that of any quilt shop. I know that because I’ve been told over and over again by what I call the seasoned quilter. It is because of this fact that we need to reach out to and encourage others any time they express an interest in learning to sew or quilt. Yes, even older folks can join our ranks.

For example, a couple of years ago Miss Thelma came to the shop wanting to learn to quilt. She is a painter and in her early 80s. She’s since made a lovely quilt and at last report was working on shams to match. That proves that you are never too old to learn to sew. For that matter, you’re never too old to learn to do a lot of things you might not have had the opportunity to do when you were younger. I’m still of a mind to learn to fly one of these days. I might have to wait until we get the kids out of college, but I’ve never lost my desire to pilot a plane. Can I do it? Sure, piece of cake. I’ll probably have to concentrate harder on the instruction part because my brain cells aren’t as young as they used to be, but I have no doubt that were I to put my mind to it I could fly. I bet I could even land the plane in one piece.

So here’s to learning new things, meeting new friends, creating wonderful quilts and other fun things, and surviving the second depression. Long may our creative minds and loving hands create wonderful works of art!

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