We Have Babies!!! & A Spring Formal!

Cute, cute, cute!

Aren’t they cute?!  This morning Belle delivered four adorable little kittens all by herself.  We weren’t expecting these little bundles of joy for two more weeks.  Surprise! 

Belle had to go to the vet on Thursday after we found her limping around.  Turned out she had a puncture wound on her right front leg.  How she got it is anyone’s guess.  The vet said it looked like she’d been shot with a pellet gun.  I hope that wasn’t the reason for her injury.

Belle and her cast

Since she was in the family way the vet had to be very careful about how she was put to sleep and operated on.  Of course, the vet asked Victoria if she really wanted the kittens and of course her reply was that she did.  She takes being a “grandmother” very seriously.   We weren’t sure how much longer it would take for the kittens to be born so Victoria asked and was told two weeks.   Imagine her surprise when she walked out to feed her cats this morning and found four little kittens crawling around on the porch mewing for all they were worth.

Hug 'em all at once

Nathanael has been worried all day about how these kittens are going to survive through the night on the front porch.  We do tend to have wondering ‘possums after all and one of these ‘possums got into the neighbors chicken house and took a couple home for supper.  I’ve told him that the kittens would be all right and am hoping that this photo will put his mind at ease.  Belle placed a protective arm over all her babies when I was taking photos of them this afternoon.  I think she knows what she’s doing even though it is her first litter.  I thought it was interesting that she did this because this is also how she and her litter mates sometimes sleep together, with their arms across one another.  Of course, Smokey and Annie have been booted out of the bed now that the kittens are here.   

So, that was excitement number one for the quilt shop today.  Later on in the afternoon the kids had to get ready for their Spring Formal.  Nathanael wore his tux and looked handsome.  Victoria wore a long dress that looked remarkably like the one she chose last year. 


Beautiful girls!

One of Victoria’s best friends, Bonner, went too and the three of them made a lovely photo.  They’re not home yet but should be soon.  Once they arrive I know we’ll be up a while longer recounting all that went on throughout their evening.

Don't they look nice!?


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