Donuts Anyone?

23 Great Projects!

We just received the newest edition of Better Homes & Gardens “Quilts and More” for Winter.  I love these publications because they’re always full of fun and easy projects.  This issue is no exception.  The two projects that immediately caught my eye on the front cover were the donut pincushions and the owl purse.  After checking them both out they’re now on my long list of things to do.

The donut pincushions are shown with a variety of “toppings” and are made from felt. We have lots of wool felt in stock as well as embroidery floss for the embellishments. They are approximately 4″ in diameter and making just one donut would be like trying to eat just one donut. Rarely can it be done…The owl purse is just too cute. The finished size is 6″x7″ and it has a zipper to keep everything from falling out. The directions give you an easy way of putting in that zipper so don’t discount making one just because you’ve never put one in before. Another version is shown with large rick-rack making it look like an Easter egg. This would be a great project to make with young sewers. The compliments that they’re sure to get when they show off their finished bag will only make them more enthusiastic about sewing future projects with you. The other projects include quilts, throws, pot holders in two styles, a tree made from terra cotta pots, jumbo soft blocks for the baby, placemats, and purchased apron decorating ideas, etc. With the gift giving season close at hand you’ll want these patterns in hand so you’ll have gifts ready to give on hand. How handy is that!?

10 Adorable Designs!

New from Leisure Arts is “Work & Play – Redwork Through the Day” which has 10 designs by Dolores Storm of Lakadaisies.  These adorable redwork designs have been offered as individual patterns in the past, but now you can get all 10 for just under $1.00 each.  Redwork  is so easy to do and another great project idea for young stitchers.  How can you resist those sweet faces?

December Table Runner

The last pattern in Cotton Way’s Fresh and Fancy table runner series is now here.  The “December Table Runner” has two wreaths and embroidery on one side and Merry Christmas embroidered on the other side.  Deciding which side to turn up when will be one tough decision.  If you have missed one of the patterns in this series give me a call.  I’m pretty sure we still have at least one of every pattern in stock.  If not I can always order more.

Cute Perpetual Calendar

Miss Martha is all excited about the new Art to Heart book “Count on It” and has already started stitching.  She wants to offer this as one of her monthly projects for 2011.  If you would like to participate please let us know ASAP.  We will begin on the second Saturday in December so you can start using your calendar in January.  In addition to monthly blocks there are blocks for special occasions like birthdays, Easter, or counting down the days ’till.  Miss Martha is SOLD on this one and you don’t want to miss out!  
That’s all for now.  We’re just waiting for the next truck…

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