Farmer’s Wife – Month 5

Month 5 of The Farmer’s Wife Sampler was one of the easier months for me to put together thusfar.  Again there are only eight blocks to construct and only one of those is partially paper pieced.  All in all I wouldn’t be too surprised to find that our ladies get their blocks done in record time this month.

It’s a good thing that the blocks to be done this month were easy to get together as my daughter and I will be heading to New York City tomorrow and the last thing I wanted was to leave town without having everything ready for our ladies.   Now I can go without a care in the world and enjoy the trip.  It should prove interesting as I’ve only ever driven through New York on the way to New Hampshire many years ago.  We’ll play the tourist of course, but the Huntsville Youth Symphony will also be performing on Wednesday.  Yes, we’ll be hauling that harp all the way to New York.  If she didn’t sound so good I’d have her start all over again and play my trumpet instead.  It’s much easier to manage.  Much, much easier…

For a look at the blocks that our ladies will be doing this month just click on the link.  What do you think?  Don’t they make you want to get goin’ and get stitchin’ too?! Month 5 Images

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