Monday with Martingale

I finally managed to open the newest box of books from Martingale/That Patchwork Place and I absolutely love every one of them.  Deciding which one to review for you first was not an easy decision, but for those who know me choosing the one entitled Treasures from the ’30s to mention first would come as no surprise.  This book was authored by Nancy Mahoney and contains eight wonderful ’30s quilt to make. 

8 Great '30s Quilts!

 Deciding which quilt to do first always poses a problem.  I think the one that appealed to me most of all was the appliqued pattern called Bell Flowers.  Next would be the Whirling Fans, a great quilt on which to use up those scraps.  Then there was the Bride’s Quilt which shows an interesting way to make the arch between hearts.  Slick!

12 Great Projects!

Next, there’s House Party by Sue Hunt.  There are six quilts and six coordinating pillows offered in this book.  While I absolutely hate rain I would have to say the one with the umbrellas, shown on the cover, would be the one I would do first.  Why I like umbrellas so much is anyone’s guess.  Then there’s an interesting paper-pieced snowflake quilt that is almost as tempting.  I’ve always wanted to do a basket quilt and there’s even a strip technique for making a basket quilt that is a bit unusual when compared to what you normally think of when someone talks about a basket quilt.

14 Charming Projects!

The third book to tell you about is a very charming offering by Vicki Bellino entitled Bloom Creek Quilts.  It has patterns for a variety of projects ranging from full-sized quilts to table runners and welcome banners.  In fact, the welcome banner included in the book is one for which I had bought the pattern to make last year.  It didn’t get done of course…imagine that.  All of the projects in this book are appealing, at least they are to me, and have that homey, lived-in kind of look.  There’s nothing overly hard about any of them making this book a good one for beginning quilters.

Martingale has made it easy for you to see several of the projects in their books without even having to visit the  shop.  That’s both a good and a bad thing I think.  But, ever wanting to give you the most information about what’s new I encourage you to visit and look through the gallery photos of any and all of the books in which you might be interested.  If you find other books not mentioned here and would like to have a copy just contact me.  If I don’t already have it I will gladly order it for you.

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  1. Judy Crabtree
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:05:11

    I am trying to find Diana to tell her about our 40th class reunion in Lynchburg, TN this month (Octobe 30th). She was Diana Jones and I am not sure of her present last name. I do know that she is married. If you know how to contact her, please tell her that Judy (Hill) Crabtree is looking for her. She can contact me at this e-mail addess or call me at 931-438-8794. I work at FPU – I can be found. Thank you,


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