Month 4 – 1st Trimester Ends!

We’re a third of the way through our Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt!  YEAH!!!  This month there are only eight blocks to complete, many of which are easy, and one of which is a challenge. 

Once again I ended up making one of the blocks twice because I didn’t like the color combination on the first one.  That’s  OK though as the reject is the Flower Basket which can be turned into a small pillow to use as a decoration.  That’s something that has been on my to-do list for a long time…make six inch pillows to put in a basket to just sit around and look cute.  I’ll get around to it one of these days.  Given the number of extra blocks I have made with the Farmer’s Wife, I already have a good start.

Ellen's Ohio Star

Last month I challenged our ladies to make a unique block since #111 was essentially a repeat of #20 just with different colors.  Ellen sent us a photo of her substitute block which is the Ohio Star.  She chose this block because she likes stars, it dates from the 1700’s, and it was used in the Civil War Sampler quilt that she is also working on.  Needless to say, Miss Ellen’s needle is rarely still.

It’s so exciting to see the blocks our ladies have made and share in their enthusiasm as they realize that they really can make these blocks.  Several have told me that they are enjoying the kits because it allows them to just make the blocks without the hassle of choosing and cutting fabric.  They also like them because they provide a quick fix, or instant gratification as some would call it, and gives them a sense of accomplishment when a block is completed.  Some who were not too confident in their skills are finding that they know more than they thought they did and are enjoying the challenge without being overwhelmed by it.

While cutting 400-500 kits per month is a daunting task, especially when added to breaking down and making the blocks as well as writing directions for each one, we have enjoyed this project as much as our ladies and have to stop ourselves from wishing our lives away each month in our zeal to see what each block will look like.  On the one hand, June 2011 cannot come too soon, but then on the other hand it will be here before we know it, all our blocks will be done and then what.  That’s the question that begs to be answered…but not right now.

Month 4 Images


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