Just In! Quilts & More for Fall!

What a surprise I had this morning when I opened a box that I thought had our auto-ship books from Martingale.  It didn’t…What I found instead was the new Better Homes & Gardens Quilts and More magazine with 25 quick  projects.  I just had to take a copy with me to Huntsville and look it over.

Great Project!

25 Great Project!

Believe you me, I was not disappointed.  The projects range from full sized quilts to throws (great stash busting projects!), table runners (one made from silk!), and totes made from dog food bags, yes, I said dog food bags!  There’s a backpack for your favorite child’s books or sleepover clothes, a cute little pincushion similar to the one we use to teach blanket stitch (they use rectangles, we use circles), cup cozies (great for gift giving!), and the cutest tiny treat bag ever. 

The treat bag reminded me of a similar bag that was a bit larger in size brought to me by a sweet lady who had filled it with goodies.  It had a highlighter, potpourri, hot chocolate mix, a black pen, and several other neat little items.  There was also a note that came with the bag.  It told me to enjoy the contents, sign the inside of the bag, refill it with goodies, and gift it to someone else thereby making their day brighter as she had mine.  While I hated to give the little bag away, because it was so cute and I loved the fabric from which it was made, I did as I was instructed and had a wonderfully fun time thinking of who to give it to and what to fill it with.  The little bag has been passed on by the one to whom I gave it, and I’ve often wondered where all it has been. 

The treat bags in this issue of Quilts and More are small enough that you could make several and use them instead of paper or plastic bags when trick-or-treat time rolls around.  Or, make them in Christmas colors and hang them on the tree.  When you have guests over to help you celebrate the season invite them to take one home with them.  Be sure to have filled them with fresh baked goodies or a handmade ornament.  Then there are birthdays and just because days too.  I think this one little pattern could get a lot of mileage once you put your mind to it.

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Another project that really caught my attention is a hanging organizer with expandable fabric pockets made with the Lakehouse dress panels.  It would be a great place for a little girl to put her dolls so they aren’t scattered all over the floor enticing Fido to munch on them, or use them for shoes, socks and panty combos for easier dressing in the mornings…you name it and it just might fit in these adorable pockets.

You just have to come in and look through this new offering for yourself.  Keep in mind that these are not in the bookstores yet, and the number of copies I have are limited.  If you want me to save you a copy just give me a call.

I’m going to go sit down and go through it one more time and dream of all the great things I could make, one of these days…

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