Busy Hands

Summer is a great time to work on projects that require little in the way of materials and are portable.  Redwork fits the bill and will keep your hands busy when it’s too hot to get outside and work in the garden.  Plus, once your project is finished you will have an item to display with pride or to give as a gift.  There’s always an opportunity for gift giving on the calendar.

Fresh Strawberries Redwork

Fresh Strawberries Redwork

My mother loved strawberries and this pattern just had her name written all over it.  With it you can stitch up a tea towel that will look wonderful in any kitchen, a needle keeper which will fit nicely into your purse or stitching bag, a small emery to sharpen your needles, and a large patchwork strawberry to show off some of your embroidery stitches.  If you need the tea towel to stitch on we have that as well.

Kitchen Helpers
Six Cute Vintage Tea Towel Designs

Another cute embroidery pattern that we just received in the shop has designs for six vintage-style tea towels.  Each little girl is holding balloons that spell out what they are to be used for, i.e. china, glasses, pots, etc.  They can be done with red thread alone or with several different colors as shown in the photo.  Again, we have the tea towels on which to stitch these cuties.

100 designs for hand or machine embroidery

 Then there is the new  book <I>Redwork from the Workbasket</I> which is a collection of 100 designs from the once popular Workbasket magazine.  These designs are digitized in multiple formats for use with your embroidery machine or as JPEG files to print out and hand stitch. 

Redwork only requires one color-red.  We have Presencia Perle Cotton in size 8, 12, or 16.  Size 8 would equal three strands of embroidery floss while the 12 and 16 sizes are much finer.  I prefer size 16 myself.  It gives a much more refined look to the finished product whereas a size 8 gives a more primitive look.  Remember, the higher the number the finer the thread.

Keeping your hands busy is both fun and productive.  Let us know if we can help.

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