This Old Dog’s a Learnin’


You have just stumbled upon the new blog of Hooked on Quilting, a southern Middle Tennessee quilt shop.  I’ve wanted to blog for a while now in hopes of keeping those who visit the shop better informed of all the newest arrivals as well as reach out to those who don’t live close by but who love quilting as much as we do.  If you are a quilter, a fabriholic, or someone who just enjoys looking at art on fabric you will  no doubt find something in the posts to come that will be of interest.  It may take me a while to learn all the ins and outs of blogging but as the title says, this old dog’s a learnin’.

While all quilt shops are unique, here are a few things that sets us apart from some of the other shops.  First, we are located in an antebellum home that was built in the 1850’s or perhaps even earlier.  The buying and selling of the house was traced to a sale in 1860 but going back farther took more time than we had so whether the seller was the first owner or had bought from someone else is still a mystery.

Second, we live upstairs.  Yes, the shop used to be on the town square, but when our lease ended there was nowhere large enough on the square to move to.  I decided if we were going to continue with the shop that it could be moved into the downstairs portion of our home because we had  more house than was needed and we were just two miles west of the square.  It’s been fun working at home and everyone seems to love it better than the shops we were in on the square.

Then there is the harp.  Yes, we have a harpist on site who will give you a small concert if you ask her.  She is our youngest daughter who has been studying for five years now.  It’s so wonderful to listen to her play several times a day and our company always enjoys it.  For many, it’s the first time they have actually seen a harp up close and personal. 

Now we’re to the fabric.  I’ve been told that one of the things that our visitors like about the shop is that it has a little bit of everything.  That’s because I have eclectic taste and what I buy tends to depend on the mood I am in when the salesman is here. 

I have a fondness of ’30s reproduction prints and do have a decent selection of those.  I also love rich, jewel-tone colors and elegant fabrics.  For that reason I have to force myself to buy the muted colors and pastels.  But, despite my personal taste I do try to buy some of most everything so that no one is disappointed.

We always have something going on here but our most recent biggest something is The Farmer’s Wife Sampler.  We have had to more than double the number of kits we had planned on putting together which is a wonderful thing.  The resulting quilt will be queen size and have 111 six inch blocks.  We didn’t want to stretch it out over too long of a time period so our ladies are doing eight to ten blocks each month.  That won’t be hard for them though as we have a schedule for them to follow and have done a lot of the cutting for them already.  They will learn some new techniques along the way and be thrilled with their finished product.  Let us know if you want to jump on the wagon and come along for the ride.   

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

As I learn how to post photos and such our blog will get more interesting.  You’ll find that I am rarely at a loss for words which is another reason for blogging.  I figure if I can say a little several times a week then I won’t have to send out very long newsletters once a month.  Everyone will be better informed and eyes less strained.  Yes, this old dog’s a learnin’ so bear with me.


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  1. nancy storey
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 08:58:11

    i just wanted to say that i have been to ur shop couple times and bought some really nice things. i love ur shop. i fell on aug. 1 and broke my leg (2 bones) and broke my ankle (2 bones). i have 3 steel plates and was taken to vanderbillt as a trauma patient. what i want to say is i bought a kit from u when i was there and did not do it right away for i was working on a quilt. now since i can do nothing at all, i am working on it and i really have enjoyed it. it is the little welcome one that u had on a wire stand. u dont know how many times i have thought of ur shop. thank u. i will not even be able to put my foot to the floor before nov. and will be out of work for who knows.

    i just wanted u to know that i have enjoyed. i cant sew at the machine for my right leg is the one i messed up. all i can do is hop about 3 steps on a walker to my wheelchair. i bought another pattern from u at that time, wish i had bought as a kit, for i cant get in my sewing room to pick material to go with it.

    just wanted to let u know u have helped me from being so bored with 4 walls and one room. but i dont know what i will do when i finish this….lol. i have a long way to go so i will have to start something else when i get this done.

    thank u.
    nancy storey


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